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I'm me.
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It's 2010, so..18 years old. I secretly suspect that I have Korean blood. :) I just take life as it comes, improvising along the way. Oh yeah I like the colour yellow. Its bright. :D


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♥ Friday, August 31, 2007 11:22 PM

Hello! :)

First of all, Liu Xiang won the 110 hurdles during the world championships in Osaka! Woohooooooooooo! 19.95 seconds I think, it wasn't as good as his world record of 19.88, but it was good enough to get him gold so YEAH! :D

He looks so weird here. :/

Found this old pic. Everyone looks so happy! Wheeeeeeeee!

Found these two pics too! CarYannn! :D


I went to my uncle's house to celebrate his 52nd birthday! He's a Merdeka man. Bahahahaha! One thing I dont like about my relatives is that most of them live so DARN far away from me, so we have to drive for about 45mins to reach their houses. Sigh. Sien. I mean, only my oldest auntie on my mom's side lives relatively near my house, in Damansara Indah. The others? Hah! Serdang and all. Pening.

My father's side relatives, you ask? Well, most of them live in Penang, and one family lives in Johor.

:) You decide.

Anywayyy, we were the first family to reach my uncle's house. Wheeeee! It was scorching hot in the afternoon! o.o 3 mins after we arrived, my other aunt arrived. Hahaha, we're still the earliesttt. :p So me and my cousin kept taking pictures of each other and other stuff in the house, then we went to eat lunch. Lotsa wonderful foooood, though none of them were my favourites. :( Even the rendang wasnt as wonderful as normal because it was mutton instead of beef. I prefer beef for rendang. Lamb should be roasted. :/

Then my other cousins came and ate. Weiwei eats so fast, it's like she never ate at all. ==" Stunned. :p

Then us girls went up to our cousin's room and played and talked. As usual, the boys would hog the ps2 and comp. Grrr. But us girls had fun too. We made short videos and played twister and cards. The short videos were SO gay! x) I played a big part in that. :D Twister was fun, and tiring.

Then, we went down to cut the birthday cake, marble cheesecake. My mom made it. She thought that it would be better to make a cake than buy one. Cheaper, nicer. :) The cake was delicious! Everyone loved it and asked for more. It was gone in a blink of an eye. :/

Pigs. :p

Then, we played some more, and went home. Whats the use of elaborating? :]

Twister. I like the yellow dots. :)



Lychee jelly. Loveee ittttt.

My lychee is gone. xD AND WHY IS IT PURPLE? =="


Crab. I like crab, but I'm just lazy to use my hands to peel and scrape and all.


Three cousinsss


Lazy bum.

Lights in the living room.

Loser! x)

Air-con and lights

Love the painting! Really nice.

Bar :)


Loser #2

Me and Yan

YELLOW mini calculator


Lazy bum no. 2 :D

me and Weiwei

Both of the were wearing yellow and I wasnt! Can you believe that!


Twister #1

Twister # 2

Twister # 3

Twister #4

Twister # 5

Everyone was tortured by HER! x)

Yan again


Lazy bumsssss! Hahahaha.

Both of us used to wear braces and took 'em off alreadyyy. Show your YELLOW teeth! :p


Strike a pose!

Happy birthday to youuu..

Happy birthday to youuu..

Happy birthday to uncleee...

Happy birthday to youuu! :)


:) Yummayyyy!

I'm off! Laters. :B