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Major casualties
♥ Thursday, August 16, 2007 4:39 AM

Damn. How come everytime I watch a badminton singles match there would be a major casualty?! It's like I'm a bad omen or something. How depressing.

The first time I watched LinDan play was during the semi-finals of the Swiss Open early this year. And he lost the first set to Simon Santoso, who is practically nothing compared to "Chao Ji Dan". And he lost the first set. Like, what the hell. However, he got injured while playing the second set so Simon got a walkover.

Got alot more lah actually, but I'm lazy to write all.

Yesterday, Taufik played against Anup Sridhar of India. He lost. At least rubbergame, but not much better either. Why are all the not good people coming up? I dont wanna watch themmmm! Sheessh-ka-bob.

Anyway, today, Chen Jin played against Ronald Susilo in the 3rd round of the world championships. To tell you the truth, it wasn't really fair for Chen Jin cos he played at 12am yesterday. Yeah. 12am - 1am playing badminton. So obviously, he was seriously tired physically. Which would probably lead to him being weak mentally cos he was losing and all. He looked tired last night too (or should I say this morning?).

Yeap. So Chen Jin lost today. How sad.

Then, just now, LeeChongWei played against Sony Dwi Kuncoro, who is like the calefe of the Indo's men singles. Good, but always not good enough. AND HE BEAT CHONGWEI!

ZOMG. What a HUGE disappointment for Malaysia. He was in good form recently, bouncing back from a bad spell.

And he lost in the third round of the world championships which he had a good chance to win because of his recent good form and since it's held at home.

But what happened?

He lost in the third round.

This is like..so MALAYSIAN! Malaysians ALWAYS do this. And people wonder why I support China...

Koo-Tan'd better do well. If not, Malaysia would be so humuliated.

Chong Wei sat down beside the court just now, after he lost. He looked like he was gonna cry. Oh wells.

Btw, Chong Wei was wearing the new Malaysian shirt. Yellow. :D But China's yellow shirt is still better. Have you seen the Malaysian shirt before? It sucks. Malaysian's shirts are always not that nice. AND they have the big "Proton" sign in the middle which is like crap. So the new shirt, eventhough it's yellow (like, bright yellow), it's still not..so nice. Put too much stuff lah. So normally, players would wear that yellow shirt with black pants.

Example of the shirt. Look at the guy in front. (The girl at the back is wearing a diff shirt cos she isn't in the national team.)
But guess what happened today? Chong Wei wore the yellow shirt...with YELLOW PANTS! Zomg *suicide. He looked like a big blob of yellow gliding up and down the court! =______=

It looked horrible, even if I say so myself. I mean, it seems like something I would do (seriously, I WOULD wear that!), but a full-grown, matured (supposedly) man?!? My goodness. I think I've finally met a guy that I like. xD Hahahahaha! My mom was like :" O.o What is he wearing? He looks so horrible and weird!". Lols.

And nowwww, Mew Choo is playing against XieXingFang and IS LEADING! DAMN DAMN DAMN. Please dont tell me another major casualty. I WANT XIEXINGFANG!


On a totally different note, I just checked the time on the comp, and saw 19:57. This is our 50th year blah blah blah. Oh the irony of it all...

Update: Wong Mew Choo just made in into the quarter-finals of the world championships. First ever Malaysian woman to reach the quarter-finals of the world championships. Beat Xie. I am officially depressed. Like really. Yeah yeah MewChoo improved but so what? Dont we want a three time world champion Xie? Dont we? DONT WE?

Oh man.

Doesn't Xie's hair look..erm..weird? I prefer her short straight hair. Frizzy hair is so..yuck.

Womans doubles, Kumiko Ogura and Reiko Shiota reached the quarter-finals. I like them. Always smiling. :)