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Oh my....
♥ Friday, August 17, 2007 7:18 AM


OHMYLORD. Koo-Tan lost in the quarters. I still feel numb. Numb. Ohmygod. I cannot believe it.

Give me a few more seconds to get over it.


This is exactly the problem with Malaysian players. They are completely inconsistent. COMPLETELY! Malaysians must be so disappointed right now. Second seeds, our best hope for a gold medal for the very first time.


Malaysian players. Dont even get me started with them! Remember the Sidek brothers? They can lead from 10-5 (old scoring system) and lose that set. Can you BELIEVE that? And today, Koo-Tan was not at their best. Definitely.

Lost the first set horribly. Something was wrong with Tan, he kept making silly mistakes. Mind you, Tan is usually the one who makes mistakes, but it happens.

This time, it was too bad. The japanese were all hyped up. Then, in the second set, Koo-Tan fought back and won it. Third set, THEY WERE LEADING. And then made somemore silly mistakes.

They still fought back in the end, saving about 3 match points. Omg I tell you, the last few points, starting from 20 onwards, were absolutely HORRIBLE to watch. I could feel my heart PUMPING. Ok! Then they also had two match points, but didn't manage to save it.

In the end, Jap match point again, and Koo made a mistake. The japs were hysterical (in a good way). Ikeda even cried. Understandable.

The japs also knocked out TanBinShen-OngSoonHock in the first round. It's definitely surprising, cos this jap pair haven't achieved anything this year. But they are fighters, no doubt about that. They are up against Korea's LeeYongDae-JungJaeSung tomorrow. Support Korea! Not because the japs knocked out Koo-Tan lah! Cos LeeYongDae has a killer smash! And when you keep defending and he keeps smashing, you end up dying instead of him. How cool is that? :)

I'm telling you, big and important tournaments always turn out to be the most disappointing ones. Because the top seeds are always shocked by other players who are normally not so...well... geng.

In the 2004 Olympics in Athens, LinDan was knocked out during the preliminary rounds.

During this year's world championships, Taufik is out. FuHaiFeng-CaiYun lost to ChoongTanFook-LeeWanWah. Omg so saddening. But I've got to admit that Choong-Lee's defence is like..unpenetratable? Yeap. Then, GailEmms-NathanRobertson and DonnaKellogg-AnthonyClark both defending champions and silver-medalists last year respectively, are out. LeeChongWei is out. XieXingFang too. Peter Gade. WongMewChoo lost to Zhu Lin today. She could have won, but made quite a lot of mistakes.


But it's ok, we still have some great people left. Too bad they're not my favs. Sigh.


It's a sad, sad week.

Lee feeling dejected after losing to Indo's SonyDwiKuncoro. He blamed chief coach YapKimHock for his loss. Thats so rude.

Meanwhile, it looks like SonyDwiKuncoro is in top form. He plays with this really cool demeanor. He stays cool throughout the match unless he made a VERY (note the caps lock) silly mistake or just won a VERY (note the caps lock again!) important point that he worked hard for.

This is a picture of him yesterday. I think his teammates must have picked out his clothes for him.

Plus, I have a feeling he's colour blind. Either that or he has a very bad sense of style. He wore a Red shirt with blue pants. =___________=

I mean, call me picky but can you AT LEAST try to mix & match better? If you wanna be world number one like LinDan you gotta show some class.

:) I'm being mean. Forgive me.

Example of ChongWei's YELLOW attire yesterday. Nice, but so clownish! xD

LinDan consoling Xie. She looks really down, doesn't she? Even in the chinese newspaper, there was a picture of Lin and Xie. Her head was also down. Pretty shocked, if you ask me. It wasn't entirely MewChoo's badminton skills that won her the match, most of it was Xie, making many maaaany silly mistakes. She has never done that before so it must be disappointing.

Taufik, who was out in the second round. He was watching the matches. Will be going home tomorrow.