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♥ Saturday, August 25, 2007 10:35 PM

Went to Penang on Friday. Smooth journey, I managed to sleep during the whole entire journey. Muahahahahaha. I cant do that normally, dunno why. So yeah. Stopped halfway to eat at Bidor. Wan tan mee again, yes. After we reached Penang, went to eat lunch, then bought biscuits and the usual stuff.

Then we went to my uncle's new house. We always stay at that uncle's house everytime we go to Penang. He just moved to the new house a month ago.

Loooove the new house. So chun! The houses are all packed together, but they're all bungalows. You will see a gate outside, then press the bell, and the people inside will see you through cctv, then you drive through the loooong driveway and tadaaaa! x) So coooool.

Of course, CarYan was the main attraction. Omg she is getting cuter by the second! :D She can walk now, so she is getting veeeeery naughty. :) She looks so cute when she walkssss. Her legs would be apart, then she wobbles and her buttocks would be moving. Aha! xD

We brought her out in the afternoon, babies love to go "kai kai", while sitting in the car, she would always get down from the seat and play on the floor. If you carry her up, she would go down again. == She kept taking all the receipts and giving them to my mom, who was sitting in front. Then, when my mom wants to take the receipts from her, she wouldn't let go. Lols.

I like this house, cos they have... five tvs. I knowwwww. One in the living room, study room, babysitter's (aunt) room, master bedroom and cousin's bedroom. The one in the master bedroom is actually only a few months old, 40 inches, then they decided to buy a new one when they moved to the new house. The new one is 46 inches. Tv overloaddd. == I sleep in my aunt's room. My aunt babysits CarYan, full-time. So she lives there. There is a tv in her room, so I always sit on her bed and watch Astro. Lols.

I watched "The bone collector" and "when a stranger calls". "Bone collector" was awesome, "When a stranger calls" sucks. Like seriously. All they show, is a girl, getting calls from this man who doesnt answer her when she picks up the phone. The whole first part of the movie is this girl, running from the house she is in to another house, always answering the phone, slowly peeking into rooms to check and see who's there.

No plot. No PEOPLE. During 3/4 of the movie, you only see the girl mostly. You also see the kids she babysits, but only in two scenes. Then you also see the guy who keeps calling her, but cant really see the face well.

Verdict? The show sucks. :/


Aunt trying to feed her. CarYan doesnt like to sit in that baby chair. She wants to walk around. If you put her in there, she'll cry at first, then she'll be okay later.


46 inch tv in the living room. Sony. I heard that Sharp is better?


Aunt. I got a great spanking after I took that picture. :p

She LOVES to climb on people. And pull their shirts...




In the car, she was warming up, preparing to go down to the ground and play. xD



This truck was in front of us. See the guy on the right? Horrible hair man. Black, with blonde streaks all over. Though I dont think you can call 'em streaks, cos they're so big. Hmm?

Little baby is so smalll. :D

:) She is one of the most "keh por" people you will ever meet. == She wants to see everything, and her little hands will pull stuff off shelves and onto the floor. She likes newspapers and camera holders. And, when we go to the dining room to eat and leave her in the living room, she would come trotting to us and screaming "Mum-Mum"! (Which means eating in baby talk). x)

Sorry, dark photo. Cousin's phone. Omg so nice.

I need to use my flash more often? Yeah...

Baby car. Now baby cars are so canggih! ==" When I was a baby, we just had a car to ride around in. Now, they have buttons like piano keys, buttons that would light up mini mirrors and buttons that have songs. There was this button that looks like a clock, so when you press it, the sound is "Tick-tock-tick-tock". Lols.

See the mini mirror up there? The teapot is the button that lights up the mirror. You can also see the piano keys. The pink thing is supposed to be a key, that does not come off, but when you twist it, there is a sound of a car's engine starting up. So adorable. I kept playing with that all day! :)

OoooOo, whats that?

A handphone! x) I played with that too! So cute! :) She always keeps her handphone in the boot of her small car. The boot is the seat pulled up.

Living room A.

Living room A.

Living room B. (No tv).

Driveway! So nice, yeah? CarYan looks so smallllll. :) With my mom.

Front door. So nice. o.o

Playing with the leaves of that plant.


Lookie! Tiny legs and feet! :)


Cousin's ipod video. $.$ The only videos he has are cartoons of Avatar: The last Airbender. I dont like that cartoon! ==" My cousin watched High School Musical 2 already! Downloaded from the Internet. I didn't watch. Wait 'till 9th of Sept.

Even their toilet is canggih! Look at the side of the toilet seat.

See the first button? The lowest one. The red thing, is the picture of a girl. And if you push it, a spray will come out from the front of the inside of the toilet bowl. To wash...you know la. Second button, the middle one, is to wash the butt. The picture is a picture of a butt. Seriously. With water spraying from behind. =="

So cute! There is another sign inside the toilet which says, "Dont rush, please flush".

Glass shower. So nice!

Yellow wallllll! :)



Two big ducks...

And a baby duck on a float! Cos it's too small and cant swim. Zomg so CUTE!

Nice pattern.


Happy first birthday! (Her actual birthday is on the 1st of Sept).

Her Dad and CarYan.

Huh? Lols.



Lols. Babies are adorable! :D Laters.