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I'm me.
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It's 2010, so..18 years old. I secretly suspect that I have Korean blood. :) I just take life as it comes, improvising along the way. Oh yeah I like the colour yellow. Its bright. :D


I want.

World yellowsisation.


Yellow time!

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Ultimate couple
♥ Friday, August 17, 2007 8:33 AM

Sorry for the continuous badminton rantings. Haven't been going out and badminton world championships are on, so yeah.



Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Ughhhh.

And people wonder why I'm always depressed...


LinDan and XieXingFang are like, the Ultimate Couple! :D They always look so SWEET together! :)

Chinese players in the airport, just before flying to Msia. XingFang, CaiYun and FuHaifeng (at the back, yellow shirt with blur expression on his face xD)

Boonsaaaaak. I spotted this guy at school who looks a little like him. Hahahaha! I've been staring ever since! xD Anyway, Boonsak didn't go for the world championships because the World University Championships were held at Thailand and the Thailand government made it compulsory for every Thai player to participate. YER! Boonsak would've been good. He has been in good form lately. Too bad. But the Thai government said that they will pay every player who wins a gold medal 1 million baht. Which is rm 100 000. Omg. Monaaay! x) And Boonsak won! Beat ChenHong in the finals, I heard that he was going to get 2 million baht! O.O

XingFang. Personally, I prefer her old hairstyle, which was long. Then she cut it short recently, it was straight and nice too! THEN she went and made it frizzy! She's the kinda girl who looks good in almost anything, I suppose. But I prefer the short and straight one. Do you know that she is like..178cm tall and her legs are like...SO THIN AND FAIR! Really nice. Her complexion is nice too.

LinDan and XingFang. :) She is the same height as him, but mostly looks taller.

LinDan consoling her right after XingFang lost to MewChoo.

Sweeeeet. Look at LinDan's face! xD

Awww! LinDan looks so cute.

His facial expression seriously darn cute! XieZhongbo beside him. Mens doubles and mixed doubles player. Recently, he lost to Koo-Tan in the finals of Philippines Open. He was like a walking bandage. x) Wearing knee support on both legs and supports on ankles and a back support. He is still wearing one knee support and the back support now.

Airport. If you're good you would've been able to spot four players. XingFang, Zhongbo, LinDan and ZhuLin.


Lin and Xie eatinggg. They eat alot. As in, they always eat out. Rich sial. =____=

watching matches in the Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil with coaches. Once again, I will ask why am I NOT GOING?!?!

LinDan. Work-out session with XingFang.

Tiring like crazy lah this.

This is even worse! Can you see? XingFang is trying to build abdomen muscles?

Consoling XingFang again.

Workin' out.

Eating.. =_________=

More pictures next time.

I can roughly list out all the matches that will be played tomorrow. (Not according to time).

1) GaoLing-HuangSui(Chi) against ReikoShiota-KumikoOgura(Jap)
2) ShuichiShakamoto-ShintaroIkeda(Jap) against JungJaeSung-LeeYongDae(Kor)
3) LinDan(Chi) against BaoChunlai(Chi)
4) ZhuLin(Chi) against LuLan(Chi)

I dont know whether Kido-Setiawan of Indo, ChandraWijaya-TonyGunawan(Indo-USA), ChenYu(Chi), Ronald Susilo(Sin), HanSangHoon-HuangYuMi(Kor), LiliyanaNatsir-NovaWidianto(Indo), ZhangYawen-WeiYili(Chi), YangWei-ZhangJieWen(Chi), PiHongyan(Fra) won their matches or not.

But XieZhongbo-ZhangYawen(Chi), ChoongTanFook-LeeWanWah(Msia), ZhangNing(Chi) are through to the semis.

Am I a bore? I guess so yeah? I bet most of you dont even care much about what I wrote up there. Lols. Anyways, wanna go munch on a Mars Bar while rereading HarryPotter and the Deathly Hallows.

Laters! :p

PS : Oh yeah my mom's making asam laksa tomorrow, will take pics (If I manage laah xD), so as to not bore you with only badminton news everyday.