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World Championships 2007
♥ Monday, August 20, 2007 7:52 AM

Sigh. Disappointing world championships, if you ask me. What Rexy said is true, if we can't even win a gold medal at the world championships which are held at home, what hope do we have at the Beijing Olympics? Tut-tut.

Of course, easy for me to say, I'm just a spectator. But whatever. x)

Results: (Surprising how every match was won in straight sets.)
1) NovaWidianto-Lilyana Natsir bt GaoLing-ZhengBo (mixed)
2) ZhuLin bt WangChen (women singles)
3) LinDan bt Sony Dwi Kuncoro (mens singles)
4) YangWei-ZhangJieWen bt GaoLing-HuangSui (women doubles)
5) MarkisKido-HendraSetiawan bt JungJaeSung-LeeYongDae (mens doubles)

China won 3 gold medals while Indonesia, 2.

I'm telling you, out of those people who won, I only supported LinDan. As in like, from the start of the tournament.

Sigh. Why didn't the Koreans win the mens doubles? Quite close you know. They managed to fight back, but not enough I guess. Score was 21-19, 21-19.

Tut-tut. :( Hope the Beijing Olympics won't be as disappointing as this. But most big and important tournaments are. Oh wells.

IS THIS COOL OR WHAT? xD Looks niceeee.

LinDan, reacting as he normally does. After he retained his title.

This, is all Malaysia could cough up. Bronze medal in mens doubles. Gotta hand it to these two, both in their early thirties, oldest mens doubles in the national squad and most committed. :] Seeeeee! The yellow shirt againnnn!

Nova-Lilyana celebrating after winning the mixed doubles title a year later. (They won in 2005). They beat GaoLing-ZhengBo. GaoLing is like a wonder woman. She played in mixed doubles and women doubles. She got silver medals for both but in the semis, she played for about an hour for each match, so she wasn't physically fit for the finals. She did a great job anyway.

Awwwww! xD

Look at Bao! The one in the yellow shirt. Looks so cute, yet gay. x)

ChenYu. Cut his hair. Looks funny.


Mens Doubles gold, silver and bronze medalists.

ChenJin. Again.


Bao seriously needs a haircut. Lols.

Like his shirrrtttt! Seriously!

GaoLing and ChenJin.

Thats alllllll. Gonna work my ass off now. Pray for me. x)