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I'm me.
. Pretty much an extremist.
It's 2010, so..18 years old. I secretly suspect that I have Korean blood. :) I just take life as it comes, improvising along the way. Oh yeah I like the colour yellow. Its bright. :D


I want.

World yellowsisation.


Yellow time!

Shake your bom bom!

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Mooncake festival?
♥ Tuesday, September 25, 2007 9:17 AM

Happy mooncake festival everyone! Though I dont feel very "mooncake-ish" these days. This is the first time our family didnt celebrate mooncake festival in a looong looooooooooong time. I havent even eaten any mooncake at all this year. == This is weird. Anyway I didnt even remember that today is the mooncake festival until I saw the full moon. :p

I dont think it's supposed to be distorted...

Last week, my parents went grocery shopping and asked me whether I wanted chips. Of course I did. x) When they came back, I saw this packet of chips.

== It's like, completely ruining the point of chips, which are supposed to be POTATO chips. Whereas this is apple chips. Dulan. I've never heard of apple chips before. Apparently apple chips are 30% less fat than potato chips. O.o Imagine eating slices of dried and crunchy apple. =_______________=

What can I say? Tall people come with long fingers and green fingernails. :)