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♥ Tuesday, October 9, 2007 6:05 AM

School is boring. It isnt even school anymore. Just a place that people are supposed to go to and place their butts on cold, hard floors for 4 hours straight and listen to teachers who are actually not even heard over the noise that most students are making.


We still have to go to school tomorrow. But I THINK that we're supposed to go to the AV room or bilik music because some people from a college are supposed to give a talk? Bah. I seriously hope that we dont have to sit in the tempat rehat again. We cant even hear what those people are blathering about when we're there!

Enough with the whining, moving on. :\

Watched "Hairspray" with Shing yesterday. Omg I love that movie! It's a musical, but doesnt really seem like a musical. Hahaha. I like the songs, but they're a little too long and the tunes arent as catchy as "High School Musical" but it's nice too. Love the whole 60s theme and those big skirts and hair. And the dances are so nice! I seriously think that the 60s should be brought back! Guys look so smart in their clothes and slick hair. :)

Ohmygosh WHO DOESNT LIKE ZAC EFRON?! Lols! He looks muchos better here than in high school musical, and thats saying something!


Lols. Drool people DROOL! x) Like that little twine of hair in front. Hahaha. He definitely looks better brunette than blonde.

Mother and daughter. ohmygosh is John Travolta gay or what?! == Very funny, but gay!

Uh-huh. The shiny and bright pink blinded me. What a horrible dress. Or ghastly, should I say? x) Hahaha! Sze's word.

Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew. You can even see how fat they made John Travolta. Compare his butt to Christopher Walken's. I was seriously wondering whether they would kiss or not. And also about whether I should watch it if they actually do it. I think they came close to kissing on the lips, but ended up kissing on the cheeks instead. Phewwww!

Amanda Bynes acts as a complete bimbo in this movie and her mother is a maniac.

Gay gay gay gay gay. But adorable. Honestly, you can actually FEEL the mother-daughter love among those two! Only it's not mother-daughter, it's gaytard-who-is-trying-to-be-a-woman mother-daughter love. Blehhh.

Lalalalalalaaaaa. I really dont think that these two people look good together, and it's not because Zac Efron looks good and all. It's just that some people look good together and some people dont. :/

Ugh. I think I'm gonna barf. But THIS is a real mother-daughter connection. :p

Dont you just love Queen Latifah? First of all, how many people you know who are not connected to royalty in any way and have the word "Queen" as part of their name? :)

Lolsss. Acts as a shopkeeper and goes all out and gets new products when his daughter became famous. Love the colour of the bow-tie and suspenders, but who the faces on it is kinda weird. It ruins the yellowish-ness of it all. Tut tut.

In the movie hairspray, there shoulkd be a lot of? HAIRSPRAY! x)

Corny Collins is sooo cute!

Seeeee! James Marsden. :) I think that he is better than Zac Efron. :) Hahahaha! There was this part when the manager wanted to fire him and he said :" How can you fire Corny Collins, from the Corny Collins show?" HAHAHAHAHAAH! :D

Hairspray overload?

See the hairrr?

O.o The dog looks demented.

And just think, a guy can turn from this,

To this!

Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay.

Michelle Pfeiffer. She tried to seduce Christopher Walken in a scene and he kept using his toys in the toystore to play tricks on her. Then John Travolta came and thought that Christopher was cheating on her..er..him..her? Whatever. x)



They dont look good together either. Vanessa Hudgens is much better. Yeaaaaap.

All in all, it's a must-watch movie, unless you're the totally depressing kinda person who only watches emo and earth distruction movies.

Other than that, it'll be fine. :)