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♥ Monday, October 22, 2007 3:10 AM

Recently, I'm certain that people have the impression that my house is owned by a lonely old lady who has thousands of cats.


A few months ago, my neighbour's son had this...party. And they put a sign on their gate " Scott's mini zoo". I know! Like, what the heck right?

My neighbours originally have two dogs. Then, they bought a few cats for their son's "mini zoo" party.

You know, I've heard that some people's dogs and cats can get along well, but let's face it, most dogs still chase cats. Soooooo, my neighbour's cats have been climbing over to our garden and to the back of my house, because the dogs keep on chasing 'em. I've seen the dogs chase 'em before, kinda scary.

Once, one of the cats even shit-ted at my garden. Boy, was my mom pissed.

Sometimes, they even come into our house. My brother played with one before. I've never touched them, cos everytime I get close to 'em, they run. ==

Today, I had encounters with three cats. Well, not really encounters laah, just saw 'em. x) First, I was coming down the stairs and I saw one white cat with black spots walking out of my house through the back door. Just now, I saw two cats. One climbing on my mom's car and the other one in front of the window. The one in front of the window is brown, and is the only cat with a collar.

It's soooo ADORABLE! :) I wanted to open the window to let it in but I kinda chickened out. :p No worries, I'll play with it the next time, since they come to my house everyday.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D

(Some very bad bit of editing, whaddaya expect when I only have "Paint"?!) Anyway, this is the adorable brown cat.

Meow! x)