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♥ Wednesday, October 24, 2007 11:57 PM

I was gonna upload pictures, but something is wrong with Blogspot...or my computer. Whichever, it's pissing me off. I clicked on "Internet Explorer" and typed "Blogspot.com" and waited for ages and the page was still loading. I tried all sorts of ways to get in but the blank page just stared back at me. Finally, the page appeared, and I had to try other ways to sign in, and the story goes on and on. Grrrr.

Sigh. Anyway.

Surprisingly, eventhough I havent been going to school this week, I havent been moping around the house saying how bored I was.

Noooope. :)

I was never the type who gets bored at home anyway.

Mostly, I've just been watching alot, and I mean ALOT, of tv. I would wake up at about 10 or 11 in the morning and watch tv 'till night. Sadly, most of the stuff I watch are on during the evening or at night, so I've stopped watching tv in the morning and afternoon. Channel surfing is so boring.

The only show I watch then is "Nigella Feasts" at 12pm. It's kinda nice. Yes, it's about cooking.

I've been hooked onto tv series. Chinese and Cantonese. First, from 4:30pm-5:15pm is "Switched", a Chinese tv series on channel 324. It's interesting. Also, from 5pm-6pm is "Beautiful Illusion" on 8tv. Then, 7pm-8pm is "House of Joy" on AEC. All of these are Singaporean-Chinese tv series. I dunno why, but recently, Singaporean tv series are appealing to me. Most people find them boring.

Then, at 8pm-9pm, it's "Seed of Hope". Then, 9pm-10pm, "Feminine Masculinity". Later, 10pm-11pm, "I cant accept corruption". All cantonese tv series. It's great cos all of 'em are one after another, so I dont have to find something to do while waiting for the show to start.

I think I've become a true tv addict. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I always watch lotsa movies too, during the holidays. Just the other day, I watched "Click". I actually cried. Paiseh. x)

Badminton has just started again, so I'm gonna be in front of the tv during the weekends too. Muahahahahaha. Denmark Open starts this week. Choong-Lee are already out. First round casualty. Tut tut. Wong-Chin actually knocked out world number one Zhang-Wei. SO COOOOL! :D Also, French Open next week!

World Junior Championships has just started today, I'm rooting for Chen Long! :) Hope he can beat Arif. He lost to Arif in the mixed team event of the Asian Junior in July, but beat him in the individual events. Mixed team event starts today. Malaysia beat Bulgaria 5-0. Many european/caucasian teams are participating, and to see countries like Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Netherlands and Scotland in the badminton world is kinda weird. Even Sri Lanka and Mongolia were participating, but they withdrew in the end.

And tennis has been going on for the past few weeks. I found out that the highest ever possible achievement in tennis is to hold all Grand Slam titles at the same time AND win an Olympic gold. It's called the "Golden Slam". Omg that is so awesome. Too bad Federer and Henin dont seem to be able to do it. Federer has won 3 Grand Slams this year but just cant beat Nadal on clay so the French Open goes to Nadal. Henin has won 2 Grand Slams this year.

Oh yeah, LinDan celebrated his 24th birthday on the 14th of Oct. I wanna post picturessssss. But I cant. Sigh. Noob blogger.

I think that a long post without any pictures is just plain boring. So I'll stop here.