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Wedding dinner
♥ Sunday, October 28, 2007 8:25 AM

On Friday night, my family and I went to a small gathering at my mom's friend's family's house for a bbq dinner. It was something like a buffet. Lots and lots of food, and lamb! :) Mmmm. I love lamb.

They are a rich family. I have only seen the outside of the house, I have never been inside before. It looks huge on the outside, but when I went in, I was a little disappointed cos it was quite small. Dunno laa.

It was something like a wedding dinner, but for family members and close friends only.

The next night, which was Saturday night, my family and I went to Le Meridian for the formal dinner. Lots and looooots of people were invited. 40 over tables I think! Must've cost a bomb. My aunts and uncles went to. So did both of my cousin sisters.

We left the house at about 6:45pm. So depressing! Denmark Open semis started at 6:15pm, CaiYun-FuHaifeng were playing! They lost the first set and were leading in the second, then I had to leave. &*#@*^%&$(& By the time I got back, it was already 12am! Denmark Open semis were obviously finished.

And TONIGHT! They actually wouldnt show the finals AT ALL! >: They would show it tomorrow at 3:30pm(delayed). I mean, who on EARTH would want to watch a delayed sports FINAL?!?! *&%&^$& again! In the end, I found out that Astro was showing the first few matches of the finals. Mixed doubles, mens singles and mens doubles. I went ballistic! x) Koo-Tan wonnnn! :) I think that many badminton fans complained. Really.

This is the problem with European tournaments. Normally, badminton tournaments are on in the afternoon. When its in Europe, 7 hour difference, it would be held at night (Malaysian time).

Unfortunately, on Saturdays and Sundays, many FOOTBALL matches are held earlier than usual. SO, being not as popular as football, badminton tournaments would not be broadcasted if the timing clashes with football matches. No lah, actually the football matches MUST me shown because of some sponsors commitment.

But I think that Astro should have a spare channel for racquet sports or something. They already have a whole channel for golf! (Which is supremely lame, but how would I know, right?) During the World Championships this year, they had a channel completely to broadcast it LIVE! From 8am-10pm okay! No joke. I had the time of my life then, can watch live badminton for the whole day. Too bad I had to prepare for trials then, couldnt enjoy it properly. But that was because the tournament was held in Malaysia. If not, I dont think it would happen.

So, after the third match of the finals tonight (or should I say LAST night? Cos its already past midnight... :/), they immediately switched to football. But nevermind lah, cos the third match was Malaysians in mens doubles. After the Malaysian fans watched that match, they should be pretty contented already.

OKAY! Back to the wedding... x)

Le Meridian and Hilton are connected. They dont look impressive on the outside, but on the inside, WOW! Very grand. Niceee. :)

We lingered outside for a while, sipping drinks (they had beer, coke, sprite and water), and went into the dining hall later.

The dining hall was just as grand as the other parts of Le Meridian, but it looked sorta small to me because there were many tables inside. Had to squeeze past tables sometimes.

Anyway, enough with the ramblings, pictures! (Not taken by my camera. Whats the point of bringing a camera that takes blur pictures 70% of the time?)

Wedding cakes. So cool, yeah? Instead of piling 'em on top of each other, you can do this. And the glasses piled on top of each other. I've seen higher piles, but those are definitely more dangerous.

My cousins..in the toilet, yes. The toilets were reallllly nice too! Just as clean as airports' but maybe more cozy. I havent any idea why airports' toilets are really clean, they just ARE! O.o

Simon and Shirley. :)

Opening the champagne bottle's cork. It didnt fly the first time but did in the second.

Everyone stood up and said :"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam seeeeeeng!"

Simon's sister giving a speech.

Honestly, the food wasnt fabulous. Not even close!

Cousins, brother and uncle.

The three sisters.

Us and Aunt Nellie, Simon's mother.

A little gift for the guests


Me and Yan.

Pouring the champagne

Trying to pop the cork.



After that, we went back at about...10:45pm. We walked back to our car with my aunt and uncle, but parted ways later because our cars were parked at different places. We got into our car, started to drive out of the carpark, then, we heard a thumping sound. Something was definitely wrong, so we checked, and guess what?

This happened to our tire! == WHAT A TIME TO GET THIS KINDA PROBLEM. Luckily, my aunt and her family were driving past us and saw us, and they stopped to help. My uncle helped us change the tire. At first, we didnt even know where the spare tire was!

My uncle. We really owe 'em. Thanks yeah! :)

THIS, was how dirty my aunt's hand's were after she, my mom and my bro carried the spoiled tire back to the boot.

Overall, it was a good night. Everyone enjoyed it and I wish the bride & groom all the best in life and I hope they will live happily ever after. :)