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bad news
♥ Sunday, November 25, 2007 8:31 AM

*I have to warn you first. This post is completely badminton-orientated (can I say that? hmm), so yeah. If you dont wanna get a badminton headache, then you'd better not read it. x)

Well, the China Open definitely ended with a bang today. Players and fans from all over the world who watched the matches are complaining and signing petitions on how biased the umpires and line judges were.

I have to admit, I like China, a lot, but they've really gone too far this time.

Dont blame the players, blame the coaches and those "people up there", as people call 'em. As in those high-ranked people in the Chinese Badminton Association.

These were the few incidents where the line judges and umpires were very idiotic. Firstly, during the quarterfinal match between GuoZhengdong-XieZhongbo and JungJaeSung-LeeYongDae. The match went on to a rubber set, and there were about 8-9 line calls that were obviously in favour to the Koreans, but the line judges kept calling them in favour of the Chinese. The umpire didnt overrule either. That made the Koreans very angry and they eventually walked out of the match.



Then, during the semifinal match between XieZhongbo-ZhangYawen and Saralee-Sudket, When it was matchpoint, the umpire call a fault and said that Sudket put his racquet up during the match. Like WHAT MAN?!? There is absolutely NO rule that says that the player cannot put his racquet up during the match. The umpire then said that Sudket's racquet was already over the net. But Sudket's racquet was actually very far away from the net. They were superbly pissed.

Today, during the mens singles final match between BaoChunlai and LeeChongWei, the line judges were so obviously biased that even the Chinese fans were outraged. The worst thing was that Bao was actually in top form today and could've beaten Lee without those line calls distracting Lee! Such a waste for Bao, seeing as he has not won a title this year, eventhough he has made it to several finals. And when he finally wins a title because he was simply better today, some of those ridiculous things happened on court today and made people say that Bao didnt deserve to win. He would've won anyway. The only difference would've been the scoreline!

I heard that these things started happening when LinDan lost in the first round. Lin said that he felt that he wasnt playing for his country because a few line calls were made in favour of his opponent when Lin was supposed to be the one who got the point. That made many officials and LiYongbo start to think twice. Starting from the second round (after Lin's statement), officials asked the line judges and umpires to make most of the calls in favour of China. But those line judges and umpires then were from GuangZhou, and they all dismissed those orders and remained fair.

And seeing as there weren't many Chinese representatives in the finals and it WAS the China Open and China IS "THE" badminton country, they had to do something to stop themselves from being humiliated.

So, in the finals, officials brought in different umpires and line judges who were ordered to do as they were told. Therefore, the biased-ness in the line calls and so forth.

Seriously created controversy man! Players and fans are all wondering whether it will be the same scenario in the Beijing Olympics. That would be a disaster! Not only for the sport but also for China. But as people are saying, those biased calls dont matter, what matters is the gold medals. After a few years, people are not gonna remember China for all those biased call, China is going to be remembered for their gold medals.

How sick is that?

Anyway, apart from that sad news, WongMewChoo did Msia proud when she won the China Open womans singles title. She is the first Msian woman to do it in 28 years! == Msia is very noob. Win titles like China Open and All-England also have a looong draught, and when players finally win it, they will say "Bla bla bla won the title for Msia! The first in "bla bla" years!" Dulan..

Aiya XieXingfang should've won this title laaa! But nevermind, WongMewChoo did quite well too. Hope she keeps it up.

:) She almost cried when she won! Once again, Msians! == Only gonna win a Super Series title, not the world champs or Olympics also wanna cry. Why? Cos we seldom get the chance to win. But we still love Msia. :)

MewChoo and Xingfang. Even after MewChoo has stepped onto a higher podium than Xingfang, MewChoo is only taller than Xingfang but a fraction of an inch.

Bao finally wins a title! Wheeeee!

Li Yongbo.

XieZhongbo-GuoZhenDong and MarkisKido-HendraSetiawan. Once again, I will talk about players' heights. XieZhongbo, the one on the far right, is taller than MarkisKido, the second on from the left. Hahahahah! x) XieZhongbo is 188cm tall while MarkisKido is 165cm. Man, I love tall people! So fascinating! x)

GaoLing-ZhaoTingting beat DuJing-YuYang in the womans doubles finals. Once again, China shows their dominance in the womans doubles. All four semifinalists were Chinese, which means that China were guaranteed of a gold medal in the womans doubles in the semis. In the quarterfinals, out of all the eight pairs, five were Chinese. Other two were from Japan and one more was from Indo. Out of 12 Super Series titles for womans doubles, China have won 11 of 'em. How cool is that? :D

Bao and Lee.

Well, thats all for today. Btw, while I'm sitting here, in front of the computer screen and under a fan, I'M SWEATING! And its kinda early morning now. 1am or so. Darn! Why is Msia so hot? (Or rather, why is my house so hot?) I seem to sweat everyday! Even when I just do practically NOTHING! Ugh. Hate sweating at home. I only dont mind sweating when I'm in school or when I'm playing sports.

Seriously, as if Msia wasnt hot enough already! What with having no four seasons and all. Now, our climate is changing and there's global warming. == Us Msians are gonna be roasted to death in our beds.

Sheessshh. :/