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♥ Wednesday, November 21, 2007 9:03 AM

Badminton season againnnn. :D China Open this week and HongKong Open next week. Those are the last two Super Series tournaments of the year. :( Of course, there will still be the Super Series finals, which will be held in Qatar. Thats special and not everyone is allowed to participate.

But I heard that there are problems with the Super Series finals because the badminton association there cannot find the right sponsors for the event. And THEN! It was supposed to be held in Msia after that, as, like, a substitute! AND THENNNN! The noob tournament is apparently going to be held during Hari Raya Haji so its gonna be, of course, a holiday in Msia so THEY CANT HAVE IT HERE!

Boy, am I pissed.

If the Super Series finals could be held in Msia, that would be so awesome! Three big international tournaments held in Msia in 2007.


Since I wasnt able to go to the Msian Open and World Champs, I thought that I would be able to go to this one.

Sigh. Nevermind. Next year Msian Open, we'll see.

So yessss, China Open. Held in GuangZhou this year.

Stadium. Dont be deceived by this photo, I think this was taken during the qualifying round. During the first round, which was today, the stadium was PACKED! Especially when LinDan was playing.

Speaking of qualifying rounds, you know there were so many Chinese players. Very normal, as it IS the China Open. So its easier to send juniors or back-up players to big tournaments. Costs are cheaper and they have a better chance to win because it is on their home ground. So most of the Chinese dominated the qualifying rounds. But many of them lost in the first round. it still proves China's dominance.

Anyway more picturessssss.

Indestructible mixed doubles pair. Only lost two or three times this year. Already won six titles. Of course, the great GaoLing :) and Zheng Bo. People still prefer Zhang Jun but I think Zheng Bo has improved tremendously.


ZhangYawen-XiaZhongbo. They are a couple too! I first watched them play during the semis of world champs and I kinda had this feeling that they were a couple while watching them play. Because they act differently as a pair than normal mixed doubles pairs do. Of course they would, right? :p

Powerful people! I kesian all their racquets. Why do I say racquets and not racquet strings only, you ask? Because they break their racquet strings when they hit the shuttle really hard, and they also break their racquets when they lose important points.

Once, Nathan Robertson kept hitting and smashing the shuttle so hard that he broke the racquet strings of ALL his racquets, so he had to borrow another racquet from him teammate. o.o

Bao. Super reach huh? Too bad he still loses so much...

Aww! He seldom smiles that widely!

See how much he stands out from the crowd? He is at least half a head taller than everyone else.

LinDan. THIIIIIS MAAAAN! Lost in the first round. Omg right? So disappointing. AND its the CHINNNAAA OPPPEEEN! Oh mann! Feel sorry for him because he'll definitely get critized by LiYongbo.

Zhang Ning.

Nice yeah? :D I mean the background. WangLin. Very promising Chinese women singles junior.

ParkSungHwan. He has a suuuuper LOOOOOONG face! x) Seriously!

LeeYong-dae. The next ParkJooBong, as everyone calls him.

Yellooooow! :D Lee and Tan practising. Eeee! I dont know why guys like to pull their collars up, so yuck! ==

Tine Rasmussen. Oh no. Dont like this woman. She has been in the international stage for a looooooooooong time, and has only won her first international tournament title in the Japan Open this year. Sad right? yeaaap. Super inconsistent. Playing against XieXingfang tomorrow. I hope Xie can beat her! Because people like Tine tend to give surprises...

LinDan, during practice. I like the shirt.

Bao, during practice.

Hahaha! Doesnt he seem happy?!

Xie, during practice. I've said it before and I'll say it again! Look at those legs! Sooo nice! o.o

Fu, during practice. Yellow shirt! :DDD


Cai, practice.

Lee, watching people practice.

I am quite disappointed that ChenLong isnt participating. He just won the world junior champs so I thought that they would send him. AND, it's in China... Aihhhhhhhh. But even if he participates, I think that he wouldnt be able to get to the semis, what with all the stiff competition everywhere! So I wouldnt be able to watch him play anyway. Havent seen him play since Julyyy!

I'm off! See yaa!