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It's 2010, so..18 years old. I secretly suspect that I have Korean blood. :) I just take life as it comes, improvising along the way. Oh yeah I like the colour yellow. Its bright. :D


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♥ Thursday, November 22, 2007 11:27 PM

ZhengBo-GaoLing lost to Sudket Prapakamol-Saralee Thoungthongkam of Thailand (btw I had to copy and paste their names cos Thai names are just impossible! The easiest is Boonsak Ponsana :p). Darn! 24-22, 8-21, 24-22. First and third set kinda ironic huh?

Jeez! First LinDan, then Cai-Fu, then Koo-Tan, THEN THIS?

What a sad, sad tournament...

x) There are still many good players left though..

WongMewChoo is playing against ZhuLin now. ZhuLin won the first set 21-18, MewChoo won the second set 21-9. They've just started the third set. Hope MewChoo can win.

Lotsa duece scores.. some even went on to "sudden death", which is 30! o.o The only time I've watched a match that went on to 30 was during the world champs, and it was MDs, some Russian pair against.. I dont remember! x) Luckily it wasnt a pair that I supported, cos that would be agonising.

During the first round, JungJaeSung-LeeYongDae (KOR) beat ChewChoonEng-HongChiengHun (MAS) 20-22, 21-13, 30-28.

Toodle-loo! x)