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It's 2010, so..18 years old. I secretly suspect that I have Korean blood. :) I just take life as it comes, improvising along the way. Oh yeah I like the colour yellow. Its bright. :D


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♥ Sunday, November 18, 2007 6:00 AM

I havent been blogging consistently eh? Blogging gets a lil' boring at times. Now I have millions of pictures to upload and its gonna take me all night.

It took me an hour to upload all these pictures. o.o My backbone hurts. And that has absolutely nothing to do with anything in my post, so moving on...

During the Hari Raya holidays waaaaaay back then, my mom and I went to my grandpa's house to celebrate his birthday. I dont think he really noticed, cos his really old now. He looks so frail and thin. :( He is the only grandparent I have left. Yeaaap.

So we ate...and ate...and ate. Nothing much to do there. Then we went into my aunt's room and I saw a portable fan! x) I thought of using it to make your hair FLY! And thennn, take photos! :D Instant model quality! :p






And then it started raining. I looked out the window and saw a yellow house! :DDDD


Really windy.


Life outside..

Lol. I like to take pictures of other people. :D

And their mom just bought a new phone. Well, just, as in a few months agooo.
Nice phone but kinda big.

We had a small gathering at my 3rd aunt's house in Serdang laaast week... or was it last LAST week? Either one anyway..

Yan just bought tortoises so she brought 'em there. She actually bought one only, a male named Toby. Then she thought that it felt lonely, so she bought a female one. I forgot the name... Anyway the female tortoise caught a cold and didnt recover even after eating medicine. Poor thing.

Female. You can tell the difference by looking at the shell. The male has more stuff protruding out of its shell while the female's shell is more smooth.



My cousin's house is right next to the Alice Smith school. So cool right? If it wasnt an international school then my cousins would've been able to just climb over the fence every morning. :)


After a while people got bored so we went to the Jusco nearby.

Hui and I.

Wei. I knew her since I was 2 weeks old. :)

Hui. I think she was trying to dodge the camera. 0.0 What a funny bit of dodging that is..


While waiting for the other cousins to change. They took ages! ==

Havent taken these kinda photos in years. The photos we took didnt turn out good but it doesnt matter. The process was fun. x)

In Hui's room.

We went to Pavilion on Thursday. Isnt the best place to go for shopping. Mostly window shopping..

Went with Wei, aunt and my mom.

Clear blue sky :)

It took us an hour to reach Pavilion okay! So sick of car rides after the whole week. ==

Mom and aunt.



J.Co doughnuts. That place is always crowded. If you wanna but 'em, you gotta wait for 'em! Sometimes the queue didnt even seem like it was moving.

My cousin ate the tiramisu and got so sick of it in the end. She said it was too sweet. I finished one Choreo in three bites. == Felt like I didnt eat anything. I still prefer Dunkin' Doughnuts. :) Personal favourite since I was a mere kid. :D Yummyyy.

The food court "Food Republic"'s food was nice. Like, very good! Normally food from food courts arent very nice. But this one was gooood. And expensive. But gooooood. x)

I like the roses!

Ahem. They were quite clean. BUT! I still prefer the airport's! :p

Nice designs.

But this part of the place was kinda empty. I dont like empty malls. :/ Makes me feel deserted.


Orange mannequins? I mean, what the heck?! Who would wanna buy clothes that are put on ORANGE mannequins? Lol! Cute, but weird. Yellow would've been SO much better.

Mom and Wei.

The guard looked so sad forlorn.. Come to think of it, I think that it's extremely unfair that some people work reaaaaallly hard and only earn a little money. Whereas others dont even lift a finger and get loads of money because they use their brains. Which is why education is so important nowadays.


I LOVE THIS! :D So big! Heh.

Later, we found some NORMAL shops like Padini and others, so we went in. Hahaha. Padini has a really big changing room! But that part of Padini only has one changing room. ==

While she was doing that, I was trying to squeeze myself behing the mirror. Hehehe. :p



Nice and creative decorative things.

:D Love this! Looks like a chandelier. The only problem is dust and how to get the glasses down when you need them. :)

Hahahahaha. Ramdomness.


Christmas is coming! Not that I have anything to do with it. I dont exchange presents and all that. I only eat! Turkey! :DDD

This is kinda nice too.

They have some really cute and innovative stuff. But some of their prices are just plain ridiculous.

Now your pets can have nice and cute bowls instead of the plain metal ones! (That is, IF your dog has the plain metal ones..)

On Saturday night, I went to Petaling Street with both of my aunts. I like that place. :) EXCEPT FROM ALL THE SMOKE! UGHHH!

I like going to KL, when I'm sitting in a car. :\ While walking down Petaling Street, I inhaled enough second-hand smoke to give me lung cancer. After that, we walked on the streets of KL to look for someplace to eat while waiting for my other aunt to pick us up. While walking on the streets of KL, every breath you take is suffocating. All of it is full of car exhaust and so on. Bleh. Finally, we reached KL Central and had deep gulps of fresh air. Sigh. Polluted.

Of course, that is part of the real world. I know how sheltered I am. Then, our aunt said that there was a traffic jam wherever she went, so she decided to pick us up and my 4th aunt's house. So we tried to look for a cab. Many stinkin' cabs were all cheaters. All waited by the roadside with no drivers in the cabs, then when you tell them where you wanna go, they dont follow the meter. And THEN! Many cab drivers choose the passengers! I mean, WHAT IS THAT?! There is even a sticker on the cabs that says "Passenger's priority comes first" or something. They dont wanna go to some places cos of the traffic jam and little pay.

THIS, is Malaysia. ==

So we made it to my aunt's house in the end, after a looooong car ride. Then, my other aunt came to pick us up from my 4th aunt's house so I had to sit in the car for another loooong car ride. I felt woozy after that. And I hadnt even eaten dinner yet! By the time I reached my aunt's house, I was 10:30pm already. Tired tired tired.

Wei before she went to bed. She kept saying that she wanted to sleep early but she said I was too noisy and she couldnt fall asleep. x)


Hui. She stayed up 'till quite late to finish the birthday present she was making for her friend's birthday the next day. But then she fell sick the next morning. So wasted. Feel better woman! :)

All of us went to my uncle's house the next day.

My other cousin, Loo's shelf is sooo full of stuff! Most of her stuff are either the same things or doubles. ==

Lol. Loo.

== Most of her clothes are pink! Like, eww! :D

Her phone, after the cover was taken off. Heh.

Phewwwww! I'M DONE! :) Hope your eyes havent died before you finished! :p Have a nice day! :)))))))))))))))))))