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It's 2010, so..18 years old. I secretly suspect that I have Korean blood. :) I just take life as it comes, improvising along the way. Oh yeah I like the colour yellow. Its bright. :D


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Genting Highlands
♥ Sunday, December 30, 2007 6:33 AM

I went to Genting after I got my results, which were VERY satisfying. :) One of the reasons is because its election year. ;) Yep. But lets not elaborate, shall we? Cos a few years down the road, all people are gonna remember is how many a's you got. Hahaha. x)

Went up to Genting. It's nearer than Cameron, so the ride was smooth. I HATE going up Cameron. Ugh.

Genting was...well, Genting. == Same as always. We stayed at Awana Resort. Honestly, it wasnt very cold. As always nowadays. I WANT TO FEEL THE COLDNESS PEOPLE! Sheesssh. I used my jacket once! ONCE!

Sigh. Sien.

World pollution. Greenhouse effect. Icebergs melting. Temperature rising. Sea level rising. Trees are getting chopped. Natural resources getting less and less. Animals extinct.

I really wonder what the world would be in 50 years.

ANYWAY! We had lunch at Gohtong Jaya. I.HATE.THAT.PLACE. Or, rather, I hate the FOOD. Always rice, veges, fish. == I dont like normal tradisional Chinese food for every single meal. Unfortunately, there wasnt anything else to eat. So, Gohtong Jaya it was.

We went up to the theme park on the second day. Once again, boring! Cos it was only my mom, uncle, aunt, cousin brother and me. Couldnt really play anything and tickets were kinda expensive for all of us to buy and all.

When we were at Awana, we slept every evening. Heh. On the first and second evening, most of us slept. Naturally, you know? Hahahah. Sometimes, one of us doesnt feel like sleeping but end up falling asleep in the end cos they say that its so boring when everyone sleeps. x)

Next time I go to Genting, I have to go with my friends. Lesson learned. :/


Camera shy huh?

Daddd. :)

Golf course. I realised that the grass on golf course look really nice.

We stayed in one of those suites.

Walking walking walking.

Family! :)

Mom and aunt.

Dad and I.

Brother, mom, me.

Acquired taste. I hate the smell. Mouldy old blue cheese. x.x


In the cable car. I dont like being in one. Really scary! Fun, but scary.

Nature. :)

Can you see the valley below? I love seeing valleys from a high place. Heh.

A model of the whole place. Awana, Genting, cable cars. Really nice. I like this small models. Like sometimes you see models of houses in malls. So cool. :)


If you squint closely, you can see the cable cars. x)

People people people.

View from the balcony. To the right.

To the left.



Walking walking walking #2


Blue cheese and crackers.


Uno! Hahahaha. We played Uno and ChorDaiDi and I didnt win a single round! Plus, in Uno, everyone made me draw cards and I did not have any draw cards to throw out! SO not my day.

Going to my aunt's house tomorrow night for a new years eve party. :) Looking forward to the food and seeing Wei again! Havent seen her for more than a month. And then, SCHOOL STARTS.

Oh man.


Went to KL with my family and aunt just now. Went to the computer shops in front of TimeSquare. Finally bought an external hard disk. 120gb. Wahahaha! Now I dont have to rely on my 256mb thumbdrive to save pictures anymore. :) Wheeeeeee! Live is goooood. :)


Benazir Bhutto, rest in peace.