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HongKong Open 2007
♥ Saturday, December 1, 2007 7:07 AM

I tell you, those badminton players really know how to splash their money. o.o They are always changing their phones, buying Sony PSPs and all those latest gadgets, LinDan always wears Dolce&Gabbana and Koo even has a BMW! Considering the fact that they aren't payed THAT much, they really use alot of money.

Lin trying out an iPhone. Apparently, he wants to buy one.

Dolce&Gabbana outfit. x)

Recently, Lin received the Player of the Year award.


The shoes he wore. == So gay.

Hong Kong Open 2007. The semis today was awesome cos they had all the matches on one court, so badminton broadcast was from 1pm to 9:30pm! Hahahahahaaa! But they did have a break in between. At first I saw the info on Astro guide and I was like O.O Normally they have semis on two courts, so that it ends faster.

ZhangNing and Fu at the Hong Kong airport.

One thing I wasnt happy about was the match-fixing again. So.darn.obvious. China, obviously. First, semi-final against XieXingfang and LuLan. LuLan lost to her in straight sets, lost tamely.

In the quarter-finals, GuoZhendong-XieZhongbo gave a walkover to Fu-Cai. Then, in the semis, XieZhongbo-ZhangYawen gave walkover to GaoLing-ZhengBo. And today, LinDan against ChenJin. They obviously couldnt give to many walkovers, or else they would be penalised. ChenJin was playing well at first, then he started to hit every.single.shot out! All OUT! Useless piece of shit lah that LiYongbo! ChenJin did not look visibly disappointed, which means that he was told to do it. Normally, any player would've been very frustrated to keep hitting every shot out, but he just frowned a little. In the middle of the second set, ChenJin just touched his back a few times, and retired from the match. Back injury, he said. He didnt even take 5 mins to think about it and retired.

ChenJin at the Hong Kong airport.

All these match fixing stuff is not fair to the lower ranked players who have to give way to their better compatriots. Even if it's for the country. Have a little sportsmanship lah. No one blames the players, it's all the Chinese officials' doings.
If China keeps on doing this, they will not be seen and respected as the powerhouse of badminton anymore.