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I'm me.
. Pretty much an extremist.
It's 2010, so..18 years old. I secretly suspect that I have Korean blood. :) I just take life as it comes, improvising along the way. Oh yeah I like the colour yellow. Its bright. :D


I want.

World yellowsisation.


Yellow time!

Shake your bom bom!

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Non-yellow lovers.

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♥ Monday, December 10, 2007 6:28 AM

Penang has been greaaaat. Food, shopping, tourist spots. I've been to Penang hill, also known as Bukit Bendera. I've actually been there before, when I was 12, during a school trip. Nothing has changed much. Feels like Cameron Highlands up there, but much cooler, maybe because it just rained before we went up. A lot of mist. Ended up raining... Before that, we went to the Air Hitam dam. It was pretty nice. Came back at 6 and had McDonalds delivered to the house. One of the few times that I actually had McDonalds in Penang. Hahahahaha!

Bu4's prom is tonight, have fun form fives! :)

Random pictures from here:

Whenever you bring a baby out, this is the babykit that you will need. x)

Water, "chu chu tau" (pacifier), extra clothes, diapers, water, baby biscuits....

:DDDD Blanket and bedddd. YELLOW. Coincidentally! (I dont think my aunt knows that I love yellow... hahahaha).


Couch. Nice colour huh?

Pink and yellow. Shiiiiing! :p

My stuff.

Comp that I'm using.

Study room that I slept in.

Cousin's Nintendo DSlite.

Roommate playing. :p

Did I mention that the mattress I slept on was yellow? :)


CarYee likes to be "mei mei" (that means pretty for you bananas out there.), so she has a whole box of hair accessories. o.o

The box. Looks innocent on the outside yeah? Well, DONT BE FOOLED!

Hair clips

Side boxes.

== Honestly, does a little almost 2 year old girl with short, thin and fine hair need so many stuff?

A toy. It's pretty cool actually.