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Pictures yet again
♥ Sunday, December 30, 2007 7:38 AM

Omgosh I think everyone is bored of the photos from Penang already! I know I am.

This is the final episode of Penang photos. Hahahaha. Omg sounds so lame. x)

It took me an hour and a half (or more) to upload all these pics ok. So yeah. Appreciate. Heh.

So yes, picturesssss.

When the kids were bored, we brought them to the front yard to play. Ride bikes or just walk around. The two babies could sit on bikes and battery-operated bikes, but they couldnt steer. == So we had to steer them in the right direction every three seconds. Tiring!! Me and CarYee's maid got tired of steering after a while, but the babies weren't! hahahaha.

CarYee and their maid.

Steer steer steer! x)

Camera shy people!



Omg baby is camera shy! Yep she is. She's temperamental too.

Checking whether she's seating properly? Hahaha.




SunSun is wearing yellow! x) Matches his name.

Two babies.

shy shy shy.

I think he was trying to run away from the camera. ==


Steering babies is not an easy feat!

Sky moon sun stars. x)


Not easy to tie a baby's hair. They dont sit still.

Step on the pedal and VROOOM! Off she goes! x) Hahahah!

Awww! I like this picture!

Caryan sleeping.

Yellow wallllllll! :DDD

Dollhouse. I like dollhouses. Very cute, with all the little furniture and stuff! :)

Yan with ku ma.

Mommy. :)

Streets of Penang.

And again.

Can you see CarYee and their maid? o.O



We went to the Island Plaza too. I think thats the name of the mall we went to. :/ Sixth aunt went shopping while ku ma and I stayed back with the kids at the indoor playground. I dont think you can actually call it a playground...but doesnt matter. x)

:) She didnt want to leave after the machine started moving. Hahaha.


Baby fell asleep after that.

Now I remember where that was! Queensbay mall! :)

There was a highschoolmusical singing competition too. One girl sang the song "Fabulous". Omg she sounded so weird. x.x

Nice deco.



Yellow mattress. x) Shing can you see the pig? Are you proud? :)

More pictures from the dam.


:) Nicee.

CarYee being shy.



Hahaha. Babies look like adults walking!

CarYee's head is still low.


Ku ma and yan.

CarYee looking on apprehensively as her mom wipes the slide clean for her. :)

Sixth aunt. CarYee's mom.



Kit and Sun.

Look at her dimples. :)

Omg the boy is touching the underwear! x/

Pictures from Bukit Bendera.


Fixing up the pram.


Smile! :D

In the train, going down.


So cute!

Now a few pictures that I should've posted a long time ago.

My aunt's phone. Nice.

Has an awesome camera.

Cousinsssss. <3

Groovy car. xp

OMG I AM DONE! This is so cool I'm gonna go celebrate by taking a nice, deep SLEEP! x) So tired and sweaty. Why is Msia so hot and humid? Man! Pimples pimples. Recently I've gotten pimples that bleed after I wipe my face a little roughly on towels. Unfortunately, they bleed ALOT. I already dont have enough blood and I'm losing more because of pimples?

Actually I dont think that bleeding pimples will make me lose THAT much blood.

I'm starting to rant on. Gotta stop myself.