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♥ Wednesday, December 12, 2007 11:07 PM

Went to the Pesta last night, turned out to be quite a bad thing. It was extremely boring, was full of smokers, my two cousins, ChoonYee & YinSun cried while playing the bumper-cars because they got hurt, my cousin sis, YeeYing, cried cos her mom thought that she hit her brother while playing the bumper-cars, and baby CarYan vomited.

I mean, bad day much? ==

CarYan vomited when we were walking back to the car. She'd just woke up 15 mins earlier and was extremely quiet after she woke up. Normally, she'd start bopping her head when she hears music and all that.

Oh wait, do you guys know what a Pesta is? For you guys who dont, it's this carnival thingy.. They have food, performances, rollercoasters and games. Happens once a year.

The only good thing about that Pesta was the Chinese performances. They had Shaolin and also some girls who did stunts and all. You know, the usual Chinese things. They were really good. The Shaolin thing was pretty gross. There were these two guys who would use "qi" to break stuff. One of them broke a piece of iron with his head. And thennnnnn!!! One guy took a wooden stick and hit it on the other guy's private part and the wooden stick BROKE!
Like OMG! So geli. *shudders. Those "qi" stuff are actually kinda cool.

Anyway I just ate lunch and some ice-cream and chocs that my 6th aunt bought. Yummmmmmyyyy. Going to the beach later at four! :DDDD So excited! I havent been to a beach at all this year. (Dont look at me like that, I havent been to many places this year, you should feel sorry for me). And my cousin brother has a waterproof cam, so I'm gonna try to take underwater photos, IF you can actually SEE anything underwater.. Noob Malaysian seas. All polluted like crap.

Cant wait, cant wait, cant wait! Seeee yaaaaaaaaaaa! While waiting for time to pass, I'm gonna play Cooking Mama on the DS! Wooohoooooooooooooooooo! I LOVE PENANG!