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It's 2010, so..18 years old. I secretly suspect that I have Korean blood. :) I just take life as it comes, improvising along the way. Oh yeah I like the colour yellow. Its bright. :D


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Malaysian Open 2008 :)
♥ Saturday, January 19, 2008 7:26 AM

Yeah so I went to the Msian Open today for semifinal matches. Quite cool actually, very fun too! Though it wasnt that crowded and all. So kinda quiet. Sigh. Noob Msian crowd. When no Msian play, no one comes. == Go die la. Msian Mentality.

Once me and Amel walked in, WE SAW LEE YONG DAE! SOOO COOOL! X) Seeing players in real life is so cool man! Hehehehehe. Sooo, I TOOK A PIC WITH HIM! Yes, my only pic with a player. Didnt see any of them outside. Sigh. Actually I saw He Hanbin walking alone, with no fans crowding around him. But kinda malu. x) Regret regret.

Is it me or am I starting to talk like a china-apek? O.o

So yeah. The pic I took with Yong-dae is in Amel's cam so, picture of the day, coming up soon! :D

I'm disappointed that Fu-Cai couldnt get into the finals. But also happy that HeHanbin-YuYang and LeeYong-dae-LeeHyo-jung got into mixed doubles final.

Now the problem is who to support. ==

:) LeeYong-dae

Players warming up.

HeHanbin-YuYang in white and LuLan in blue, ZhangNing in purple.

Scoreboard. I wonder why they dont show replay of rallies up there. So annoying.


Can you see LeeYong-dae in blue facing us?

Nvm, I'll zoom! x))))
Clearer. :)

Amel. :)

Lee-Lee against Robertson-Emms.

Sudket-Saralee against He-Yu.

:) Free stuff. Very loud when you hit them against each other. And it punctures easily. But you can like, take as many as you like, so nevermind.

ChenYu in yellow. LeeChongWei blocked by that noob's head. i tell you, that noob red shirt guy and his girlfriend on the right side of him (you can only see her hair) are seriously noon. == They didnt cheer AT ALL THE WHOLE DAY! Go there for what? Sit like pieces of wood only is it?

Erm, sorry. For some reason I'm just really annoyed at them. Quite lansi too.

LiMao! The bald guy. Coaches Korean mens singles.

Lee Chong Wei in orange.

Chinese team sits there. Totally opposite of where we sit. Hard to recognise who is who.

Korean team in blue on the last row.

PiHongyan against Tine.

Lee against Chen.

Crowd on left side. See those people clad in yellow? They bring drums and all those traditional stuff and their boss is a super yong sui fat guy. Ugh.

Fu-Cai in blue.

Womans doubles. Gao-Zhao in blue and Du-Yu in black.

Empty on the right.

Thats it for day one. Finals tomorrow. Hope to see more players!

Oh and get the guts to ask for pictures with them! x)