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It's 2010, so..18 years old. I secretly suspect that I have Korean blood. :) I just take life as it comes, improvising along the way. Oh yeah I like the colour yellow. Its bright. :D


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♥ Tuesday, January 1, 2008 3:00 AM

Woke up late yesterday. Couldnt really get up. x) Bathed and went to meet up with Amelia in 1u. Went to school before that to check classes. I THINK I'm in Daisi. Cos the paper I was on was the third paper from the left and I thought that the papers means which class is which so yeah.

I'm confused.

And I dont even know who I'm gonna sit with next year cos my partner in crime is GONE! Btw Shing, you're in Daisi too! x) hahahahahaaaaa.

But anyway. Had a great time with Amel. :) Then my parents picked me up and we went to my 1st aunt's house for a new years eve/new year party. I think we were the last to arrive. :\ Heh. Traffic jam people! :p

Ate ate ate, talked talked talked, drink drink drink, take pics pics pics, laugh laugh laugh, play play play. :) That just about sums out the night.

Of course, the countdown was MUCH better than last year. Last year, we couldnt find a channel that had a countdown ( I know riiight! Like, how can that happen? ==) and by the time we found it, it was already past twelve. So dulan.

This year was okaaaaaay. Not bad actually. But I didnt enjoy the food much. Ate a few pieces here and there only. Dunno why. It wasnt like I was sick or anything.

Soooooooooo anyway, all of us were in a "lets take a picture" mood so there are quite a few pictures. x)

But before we get to the pictures, it's 2008! Omg school starts in two days! Sigh. So many new subjects. Tuition everyday. Study study study. On the other hand, there are no major exams! :p So there's something to look forward to. Heh. Oh but we have to stay back in school till 2:20pm. ==

But I'm gonna try to be optimistic. :) Like, new year, people buy new stuff! x) And next year is gonna be a busy year for sports too. Super busy year for badminton cos there's gonna be so many tournaments next year! Super Series tournaments, Thomas and Uber cup, Super Series finals 2007 gonna be held in 2008, Olympic games and so on. EPL gonna end in the middle of the year (GO MAN U! :p), and for tennis, Olympics is included.

So yes. New year, new beginnings. :)

Back to the party! :)

Some pictures are not in order. For some absurd reason, I cant seem to drag the pictures down. Sheesshh!

Everyone waiting 15 mins before the end of the year 2007.

Still waiting. x)

And waiting!

Simon, Shirley and her sister came. See the newlyweds! :)

Mom, 3rd uncle and aunt, 4th aunt and 2nd aunt.

Omgosh still waiting. == My cousin took so many photos of us waiting. ==

People people people. Wine wine wine. :p

Cousin, brother and aunt.

2nd uncle, dad, mom and cousin.

Tut tut, good girls gone wild! Hahahaha!

Turkeys, before..

And after! :)

After being cut.


More food.

More more food.

And more more more food. :) Heheh. I realised that my captions are getting more boring by the second. x)

Garlic bread.

My mom cutting up the lamb.

Cheesecake. :)

Amelia and I in 1u.

Wei wei! :)

Me, Hui and Wei.




Hui likes to play games. I mean, really!



If I had to choose between this phone and...

...this radio, I would choose the phone. :p Better songs.

My cousin's room has looootsa posters and pictures. Used to be more but she took some down.

Lotsa stuff too!

Wei. I love that woman. She'd known me all her life and I met her two weeks after I was born. x) Cos she was born two weeks after me. Hahahaha.


Hui playing games. :p


Wei and Yan.

Me and Wei.



Erm, my hand looks inappropriate. x)

Hui hui.

Female cousinssss. :)

Loo loo.


She bought these in ChengDu. Omg I want those toooo! Beijing Olympic dolls.

Loo again.

Rtm 2 for countdown.


Wei in 2007...

And Wei in 2008! Hahahahah! Any difference? Yeah I think I see a wrinkle there... x)

Me in 2007...

And me in 2008!

Finally, it's 2008! Happy New Year!

Hui #1.

Hui #2.