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I'm me.
. Pretty much an extremist.
It's 2010, so..18 years old. I secretly suspect that I have Korean blood. :) I just take life as it comes, improvising along the way. Oh yeah I like the colour yellow. Its bright. :D


I want.

World yellowsisation.


Yellow time!

Shake your bom bom!

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Non-yellow lovers.

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♥ Tuesday, March 18, 2008 12:45 AM

Finally I'm done uploading these pictures! Phew! I could only upload 3 at a time. Dunno why, but maybe cos the files are too big? Hmm.

School has been a total bore! Luckily EST has been cancelled, then we get to go back earlier. Hahahaha. :)

Changed timetable in school and we have a new maths teacher. Although our old maths teacher didnt get much attention from students while teaching, at least that one was good. This blardy idiotic new teacher cant teach for nuts! First lesson today and the first thing that teacher did was to write notes on the board. == Pathetic! And that teacher just read the examples from the text book and asked us to do a few questions and later asked us to volunteer to give the answers. Of course no one volunteered, right? Then that teacher started to scold us and said :"I know the background of your class. " Bullshit. == All teachers say that to scare people. And then that teacher kept saying that we should not be arrogant eventhough we're smart and all that crap.

On what basis is insert name saying all this crap? Insert name has absolutely no right to say all that to us, because its not like insert name is helping us alot with our exams and is teaching us very well, right?

SOME teachers these days are so blinded by themselves. Always think that they are right and students are wrong and arrogant.


So the other day, my family and I went to a computer/electronics mall somewhere near Kelana Jaya (I think) to buy a new cpu (our old one konked out a few months ago), handphone for my brother and a digital cam.

Following pics were taken using our new digital cam. :)
I think I'm addicted to KFC already. I used to eat McDonald's Nuggets Meal. Then I changed to Spicy Chicken burger meal. After that I started to love the chicken. Spicy chicken. :) But McDonald's spicy chicken is just too hot for me! Being a spicy food lover and a person who cant tahan spicy food, I suffer. Alot. x) Mcdonald's spicy chicken is RED. Just imagine how spicy that is. And the normal chicken is pretty tasteless. But KFC's spicy chicken is just right. So KFC it is! :D

Mom. Hahaha.


Blue skies. :)

Lols. Inside of my pencil box.


Pink and yellow.


Went to PAWS with friends last week. Dont have pictures of me and Sporty. I think they're with Dong. So I wont elaborate la. I will never forget that experience. :) I hope Sporty and all the other dogs get adopted and live happily ever after. :) Nice souvenir huh?

Yellow monkey! Hahaha.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the best drink ever created by mankind!
Milooooooooooo! :DDDD

Omg I dont think I'll ever get sick of Milo lo! The lovely, LOVELY taste! Bahahahahaha.

And who discovered how to make ice and put 'em in drinks is also a genius! Milo ping is the bomb! :D

My mom bought this ice blender which you can make ice-blended Milo with. Of course, it isnt the super geng one that can blend ice like Starbucks, but it's good enough. :)

I looooove it!


Lols. I like this Cola glass.

Legend captured. :)

Black and white.

Sepia. Lol. I think this picture makes me emo. x) It's like, "looking out from the inside" and all that emo lines.

Beijing 2008. :)

Outside my window. See that tall building there? Right in the middle of the picture? I think I see it when I go to Bu11. Is that the same building? Cos I'm not sure...

Always. :)
Lol remember this, woman? She came over to my house last year and while I was bathing, tore a page out of my notebook and wrote this. I only saw it after I came home at night. x) I think we were talking on the phone or something after that and she was like :"Omg please dont tell me you havent seen it!"
Beijing 2008 Mascot.
Currently blogging in my room. Hahah. Got Wi-Fi system the other day. Pretty cool. I feel so tech savvy. x)

And I still have tons of homework. Oh boy.

Brother's laptop has a built-in webcam. Webcams are bad. Know why? Cos when you're memang ugly, you really look ugly in webcams. ==

Went to Shing's house before going to JunYen's party last weekend. Talked to her adorable sis, JyeYi! :) So cute la, the way toddlers talk. x)
JyeYi Me
When is your birthday?
Which date?
I dont remember. Hehehehe.
Next was,
Can I go to your birthday party?
o.o Why?
Cos you're old.
== I'm so hurt JyeYi!
What is hurt?
Erm...When something is painful...
Oh. Where is it painful?
My heart!
Where is your heart?
*points to heart
Ohh. My heart is here. *points to head.
o.o Why?
Cos it moved there.
Oh ok. When?
Just now.
Was it painful?
Nope. :)
And then,
Why aren't you following your Da Jie to the party?
Cos my mummy says cannot.
Oh Ok.
Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Yeah I have one brother.
Why dont you bring him to the party?
Erm..Cos he's kinda old.
Oh. I dont like old people.
After that, while we were in the car,
Hehehe you're very funny.
Why thank you! :)
Why did you say thank you?
*At this point I wanted to say " Because you complimented me", but why confuse the girl, right?


Laters people.