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♥ Sunday, May 18, 2008 12:31 AM

China won both the Uber and Thomas Cup. :D Ahhh. Satisfaction. :) Ehehehe. This means that once again, China have managed to retain their Sudirman, Thomas and Uber Cup. Wheeeeeeee! :)

Yesterday, first match, LinDan against Park Sung-hwan. Chi gek! x) Park won the first set easily, LinDan was obviously not confident and not playing his own game. Second set, LinDan fought back and won it. Third set, Park was not confident anymore, and LinDan wrapped it up.

Second match. Cai-Fu against Lee-Jung. First set was pretty close but the Koreans won it. Second set, not fight. Koreans won the match.

Third match, Bao Chunlai against Lee Hyun-il. First set was like, 28-26, if I'm not mistaken. Verrrry close. Luckily Bao won it. In the second set, Lee seemed very tired so Bao won the match.

Fourth match. LeeJaejin-HwangJiman against GuoZhendong-XieZhongbo. First set, Lee seemed out of it, making many unforced errors. Chinese won the first set. Second set, Koreans fought back to win it. Third set, Chinese won. So yeah.


Lols. Pictures. Of Uber Cup. Havent uploaded the Thomas Cup ones yet.

China Uber Cup squad.


Oh the joy. :)

6th consecutive time.


Singing the national anthem of China.

So patriotic. Lols.

Indo got second.

Chinese Thomas Cup squad shaking hands with Msian squad before the semifinal match.


Chinese and Msian squad cheering their teams on.

Fu Haifeng. :)

Shaking hands after the match.

Msian squad got bronze.

Koreans celebrating after beating Korea to reach the final.

Indo squad got bronze.

Indo and China before finals.

Shaking hands.

Xie, after beating MariaKristin.

After the match.

Lols. From the left, Fu, Cai, Guo and Xie. Cai's wearing yellow crocs! So funneh! x)

Press conference.

Drool people. Drool. hahahahaha! And yes, I'm gonna brag. I took a picture with him during the Msian Open! Hahahaha. LeeYong-dae. Too bad Amel. Who ask you lansi dont wanna take? Then in the end fell in love with him. hahahahaha. And you had TWO chances ok!

Back with more badminton photos next time. Hahahahaha. Sabar people sabar. x)