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♥ Friday, May 16, 2008 3:38 AM

Thomas and Uber Cup Finals have been in progress since...last Sunday. :) Jakarta. Istora Senayan Stadium. I am pretty proud to say that Msia's Uber Cup team made it to the quarterfinals and Thomas Cup team made it to the semis. Both lost to South Korea and China respectively. Indo made it to Uber Cup finals after a looooot of hard work. They deserve it. China, or course, are in both finals.

Msia Thomas Cup team gave China a very hard time in the semis though. In the first match, LeeChongWei beat LinDan. Tamely too! Darn. Second match, Cai-Fu beat Koo-Tan. Long time no see Cai-Fu! x) Hahahaha, they remain as cute as ever. :p

Third match, Bao beat Wong. Fourth match, Msia's mens doubles beat China's. And lastly, the fifth and final match, Chen Jin beat Hafiz.

Wooohooooooooooooooooo! Go China! :D They already have the Sudirman Cup, so if they win both the Thomas Cup and the Uber Cup, they'll have all. Like last time. Lols.

And South Kores just beat Indonesia to make it to their first ever Thomas Cup final. They really deserve it.

Ok, enough words. Pictures! (Oodles and oodles of 'em. Warning! :p)

The coveted trophies. Thomas on the left.

Tanangsak Saensomboonsuk :) New louuu! x) Thai men singles player who beat Tau! Bahahaha.

:) Aiya, you know, new tournaments, new lous. Normal la riiiight? Gotta keep life fresh and interesting yo! :p

Frames of LinDan smashing.

SusiSusanti. The Indo women singles legend who inspired Indo Uber Cup team. :)

Lol. Nigerians. No offense, but can you actually see them? o.o They are pretty cool though, only three men singles players made it to Indo in time for the tournament. Others had flight delays. So the men singles players played men singles and men doubles.

Player's bag. They always have huge cute keychains. Lols.

Peter Gade. Was out for a few months this year because his father was sick and he got pneumonia and broke his ribs twice because of excessive coughing. o.o Luckily, he is pretty much recovered now. Has a really cute 6 year old daughter. Haha.

Uber Cup.

The man who captured (and is still capturing) the hearts of most of the young female badminton fans. LOL!
Chinese team. And no, I dont support them just because they wear yellow. ==


XieXingfang. Look at those legs! Hahaha. 178cm.

LiYongbo giving advice to Xie. LiYongbo's presence is pretty...intimidating.

ZhangJiewen. Msian bride. :)
Tine Rasmussen. The MOST idiotic player I've ever seen. Beitahan her la! So yong sui. And always just drop her racquet on the floor. Dont know how to appreciate things is it! Normally, during the 11 point break, she will just drop her racquet beside her. But that day, she threw it to the middle of the court. Blardy bugger. No culture punya.
*Deep breath.

Msian Sweetheart. WongMewChoo.

Msia and Korea.

Japanese girls.

Reiko Shiota. Jap girl who captured the hearts of many men. Old and middle-aged men, especially. x)

Lols. German players performing a dance before matches. Noisiest team.


Awww! Lee and Wong. Hahaha.

Another new lou. ChenJin! Hahahaha. Chinese players are so..cool, calm and collected. Very cute la. :p
Ok, I think I'd better stop this nonsense.

Lin. I like that yellow shirt! Eventhough the rest of the world hates it. :x

Boonsak Ponsana of Thailand.
And finally, the sweetest pictures ever! :)
Taufik and his baby daughter. Aww! :)

Matching colours. heh. :)

Ok, I'm off! Uber Cup finals at 6pm tomorrow!
Ahhhh. Bliss.