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It's 2010, so..18 years old. I secretly suspect that I have Korean blood. :) I just take life as it comes, improvising along the way. Oh yeah I like the colour yellow. Its bright. :D


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Doggie Party!
♥ Wednesday, June 25, 2008 1:21 AM

On the 6th of March in the year 2008, six adorable little puppies were born. Their parents are Mills, who is a silky terrier, and Athina, who is a schnauzer.
Unfortunately, the owner of the parents could not take care of all of 'em, so they had to be given away. The good news is that most of them were given away to relatives or colleagues.
Three males, three females. The first male is J, which is a short form for Jupiter, because the aunt's sister didnt like the name Jupiter. J was taken by the owner of the parents. She only kept one puppy.
The next male is Bumper, who was formally known as Sampson. He is named Bumper because he knocks into anything and everything. x) He is the biggest of the lot and is really cute. Adopted by the owner's sister-in-law's sister.
The next male is Whisky. Pretty much the naughtiest of the lot. Nicknames are Whis-Whis, Kiki, Wai-si-kay, sui yong and so on. Adopted by a colleague of the owner.
Next up are the females. Firstly, Bubbles. She is the fairest of the lot. They were all born mixed black and light brown, but some of 'em were more brown than black from the beginning. Bubbles turned white. If you cut of the tips of her fur, she is pretty much a white dog. Very teensy. Adorable! But garang. :p
Next is Coco, full name is Coco Brownie. Adopted by the sister of the owner. She is half light brown and half white. Very light compared to the males. Has a cute personality and is pretty clever and quiet.
Lastly is Zoe. I've only met her twice and she was given away to a random stranger so.. yeah. :(
Auntie had a doggie party for the pups, their parents and another dog on Sunday. :) So cutttteeeee! You should have seen the five of 'em playing and running around with each other.
There is this cute thing about them, where they are alike in pairs. Bubbles and Coco look alike and are both pretty small and always play with each other. Whereas Bumper and Zoe look alike too. Lastly, Whisky and J look alike and always play together.
So cute la. :D

I forgot who that buttock belongs to. Lols. You must see the tag to recognise them sometimes. After all, they are sextuplets.

Left is Whisky and right is Bumper.
Bumper! :)

Bubbles! So fair right! :)

Hahahh. Thats Auntie Sunita carrying her btw. Auntie Sunita picked up a stray dog, Milo, last year. She joined us for the party too. But Milo is HUGE and the puppies dont like him. Aww, :( . Milo has silky pure black fur. So nice. o.o Didnt take a pic of him though.



J and Whisk.

Puppies havin' fun.

They overturned that table. Lols.
Seee yaaaaaaa!