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♥ Wednesday, August 13, 2008 7:38 AM

Havent watched much of badminton cos it wasnt shown on tv at first. And the timing is all out. Mostly having matches at 10am. == I dont really know much about the results either, because the matches arent played all at once and the newspaper doesnt seem to be of much help. I watched at 6.30pm today and it was already quarter-finals. Some matches like womens doubles were already at semifinal stage. o.o Women doubles finals tomorrow I think.

I feel so blur. Deng.

Anyway, I'll tell you what I know. Zhang Ning, XieXingfang and LuLan have all made it to the semi finals of the womens singles. The other match was against Saina Nehwal and either Maria Yulianti or Adriyanti Firdasari. Not sure. But all Chinese women made it to the semis. :) Awesome! LinDan, Bao and ChenJin are all through to the quarters.

Some big upsets were made. Like, GAOLING! Omg I cant believe the amazing Gaoling lost! o.o In mixed doubles. So sad la. :((( ZhangJiewen-YangWei also out in 2nd round. ChoongTanFook-LeeWanWah are out too. JungJae-sung and LeeYong-dae, Tine Rasmussen(yay!>:)), WongChoongHann are all out.

Oh the wells. :/

Go Lindaaaaaaann! And Bao! And Xie! No one else I think I support. Sien. Why so many of my favs out lehhh? And how come I didnt hear anything about Cai-Fu? o.o Havent seen them in ages!

Next are artistic gymnastics. China's men and women team both won the team gold medal. Woohooooooooo! First time ever I think. I only watched the women and they were amazing. The small sized one DengLinlin and another one whos name I forgot, they were both really CUTE! :)

Watched swimming too. Michael Phelps!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Hope he gets all 8 gold medals, immortality weih. :) Up until now he has won five. Smashed the world records of every event that he won gold. SO YENG! :D And he's shoulders are so.darn.broad! o.o

Anyways, Koo-Tan playing against Kido-Setiawan now, and they're wearing yellow! :D Seeya!