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♥ Sunday, August 17, 2008 8:37 AM

Sien la now. Badminton is over. Tennis is over. Swimming is over (no more Michael Phelps :( ). Gymnastics is over.



What to doooooooooooo?!

So now, I have time to watch....... the Chinese and English drama series that I borrowed! :D Bliss.

Anyways! Back to the pictures.

Shing watched gymnastics the other day and decided that she has found a new lou. I think he's placing is still after Johnny Depp, but he scores pretty high in her eyes. x) Hahaha!

So here he is..
Alexander Artemev. Artistic gymnast from America. He was born in Belarus to Russian parents. Moved to America when he was 9 and became a citizen in 2002.

Six pack. ;) Shiiiing!


Look at his face! Hahahah!

I like this shot! Pretty lights!

Very leng chai meh? Ok ni lah. Apparently to Shing, he has those "handsome fairytale prince" looks. o.O Once again, me and Shing do not agree on this matter. We never have crush on the same guy. *cough cos she has worse taste than me cough.* :p

Now, for pictures of the winners. :)
LinDan! Jubilating after winning.

His signature pose.

This is, by far, the biggest smile that I have ever seen from Lin Dan! Looks good. :p

Silver, gold and bronze. Lee, Lin, Chen. Typical Chinese surnames. Hahahas.

LeeYangdae-LeeHyojung celebrating with their coach after winning the gold medal for mixed doubles.


Erm, looks wrong doesnt it. x) Dont think too much people.

:) Why do people always pose like that. Sien la. Get a new pose please.

Lee Hyojung is really tall, isnt she? o.o

nice shot! runied by the watermark. Why does Gettyimages always put that watermark right smack in the middle of pictures. ==

Happy happy happy.

hahaha look at Yongdae's face.

Noob watermark.



yeah man.


Yeah I'm running out of captions. :/ Anyways, congratulations to all the winners! All of 'em worked hard for it. All of them thoroughly deserved winning. To those who lost, work harder next time! If there is no next time, then be happy to know that you actually took part in the Olympic Games. Its not everyday that you get to qualify for the Olympic Games. :)

And Msia still hasnt won a gold medal in ANYTHING. How come we cant even get a gold medal for any sport, not even one?

I bet that we could, if squash is an Olympic game. But oh wells.

And Usain Bolt won the 100m race with a new world record time. :) So cool la Bolt! he won a gold medal, set a new world record and even had time to showboat before the finish line! He is sooo FAST! o.o Fastest man on earth. Dont play play. :)

Powell and Gay can eat his dust.

And Michael Phelps won the eight gold medals he aimed for!! He is officially immortal! Hahaha. I like that word. Sounds cool.

It feels like the Olympics is over, cos all the sports I am interested in watching are over. :( Only games where just about every sport is played in one country. Olympics is really a great creation by the Greeks. Cant wait 'till London! But so long more. == FOUR YEARS! I'd be 20 by then!

Omg can you imagine being 20? Practically an adult! Feels so weird thinking about it. I wonder if I would look older. My looks are quite immature right? Hmm. :/

I feel so old. 16 is old okay! Next year we would have to choose which career path to take. And after that, college. And maybe many people would be going overseas to study. And then, graduation. After that, WORK!


I dont wanna grow old...