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I'm me.
. Pretty much an extremist.
It's 2010, so..18 years old. I secretly suspect that I have Korean blood. :) I just take life as it comes, improvising along the way. Oh yeah I like the colour yellow. Its bright. :D


I want.

World yellowsisation.


Yellow time!

Shake your bom bom!

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Non-yellow lovers.

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♥ Friday, September 5, 2008 2:22 AM

Hello peopleeee! I havent been here in a while and probably wont be in here much. Until 7 of Nov, that is. ==

Dunno which blardy person in dunno what Jabatan Pendidikan pushed back our exams until the last day of school. I know they dont want us to lepak and ponteng and all after that but seriously! I wouldnt mind exams being late IF we could at least get back our results and discuss our papers BEFORE SCHOOL ENDS! I dont wanna be worrying about my results during the holidays and then getting my scores in the freaking mail! (But luckily, I'm the one who collects the mail from the mailbox in my house *wiggles eyebrows. heh. ) Then I would wanna see my papers and see which question I did wrong and all that. And then I would wanna go through my holidays peacefully with my exam results waaay behind me and look forward to the next year, which is --- SPM YEAR!

With this new exam timetable, we wouldnt be settled into form 5 when school starts! We cant even start our lesson and get into our new classes! We would be sitting there, in our old class, with our old classmates, discussing our form 4 final papers in Jan 2009!

Can someone please SHOW ME THE LOGIC IN THAT!

Sigh. Sometimes adults think their so smart. ==


Anyway! New topic! :) Baaaaadminton! hahahahaha. x) I've got tons of pictures so I wanna post 'em all before they all pile up. Sigh..what procrastination can do to people... Tut tut.

Lots of LeeYongdae photos. Lols. Drool Ming DROOL! That is, if she still remembers him, of course. x) I know lots of people have suddenly become obsessed with Yongdae ever since the Olympics.

Well, I found gallons (can I use this word in this context?) and gallons of pictures of him and a video of him singing. Lols. Boy, is he tone deaf. x) But its cute la. :)
http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=Irv_-GyStM4 Go watch! :)

Aww! If you're obsessed, imagine him doing that to you! *Gags. Well, I gag and you drool. x)

Couple. :) Hope they get married soon.

Qing Lu Zhuang. matching couple clothing. :)

With friends...and caps.

Awww! LinDan loves dogs! :)

LinDan & his hairstylist. I will never get how different a guy's hair looks like after he gets it done. It looks the same to me. ==

Lemon juice. I've recently got addicted to lemon juice. :) Not because LinDan drank it la of course. == I'm not that weird.

Comic or caricature of LinDan after he won.

LinDan, XieXingfang and Caroline. Caroline is the senior PR manager of Dolce&Gabbana for Asia Pacific. LinDan is a huge Dolce&Gabbana fan. Well, more like they give him discounts when he buys their products. :/

Couple couple. :)

From now on its all LeeYongdae. :)
I quite like him la. But not the obsessed type. I've always admired his style of play and his talent. But ever since every other girl on the planet has become obsessed with him, I got sick of him. ==

Talking to him mom, perhaps?


Big celebrity. Obviously he has become a huge celebrity in Korea and around the world. Cute, young, talented, Olympic gold medallist.

Now, I'm gonna tell you people something that would break your heart.

LeeYongdae likes someone! Hahahahaha. No biggie la. Not dating or anything. But he has a major crush on her. :) her name isss... some Yanno thing. == Sorry I forgot. She is a Korean pop singer.

After Yongdae went back to Korea, he attented a function and his crush was there. So he asked someone, :" What am I doing here?" and that person said ,:" So she can see you."

hahah! So funneh. x) Oh her name is Yoona. :)

Continuing, he said “I should’ve asked for Yoona’s phone number then but I couldn’t ask her”, showing his large regret.
Lee Yongdae’s older brother asked him “Why couldn’t you just ask for her number then?” and Lee Yongdae remorsed that “There were so many coaches and athletes around me and it was a short meeting.
And I couldn’t find the courage to do it.”
When his brother said “Ask for it one more time then”, he answered “The opportunity already passed. How can I find her and ask her now?”

Awww! So sweet! Hahahaha!

here she iss...


Aiya she's has a very typical Korean pretty look la.

This is LinDan's gold medal. With jade at the back.


In between the throng of people.

Model already la now. Lols.

Lin & Xie with big shots.

Looks tired. :/


With mixed doubles partner LeeHyojung.

Look at his leg. O.o

Ahem. Dont think sick. He's showing his back support belt.


Cai-Fu. Silver medallists.

Happy happy happy.

Zhang Ning, a legend. :)

Hope you enjoyed. Byee! :)