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♥ Wednesday, October 22, 2008 1:09 AM

Ok I'm kinda just gonna go through this pretty fast.

I realised that I havent updated much. Mainly cos I have a pretty mediocre life which involves staying at home all day. Dont worry, I LIKE this lifestyle. :)

But all I do is watch tv and download videos so I cant update much about anything la.

Yes, my latest hobby is downloading videos! Hahahaha. okaaay, So lame-o right.

But its fuuuuuun! Cos i have another new obsession...

Dong Bang Shin Ki!


If you dont know who they are...

go bang your head against the wall la kay.

x) Juuust joking.

Yeah I found out about them last year, but I've only started to be really interested last week la. Hahahah. Ever since then, I've been downloading videos and songs and all. They're pretty cool you know. Nice dancing. :)

So yeah. But sadly, my mp4 only plays a certain type of file. It has to be 320x240 and must be a flv file. So when I use Ares, I have to look for these files and all.



Today, in school (1hour before our Bio paper1), Joe Ian taught me how to convert files(which I think I knew could be done, but I just didnt know how to do it x)) and also how to download YouTube videos! Hahahaha! Obviously there are tonnnnssss of YouTube videos on Dong Bang Shin Ki so yeaaaaaaaah.

I'll be busy. :)

And this is why I'm not gonna blog about my latest obsession anymore. Everyone'll go :"Caryi, why so obsessed?" and all that. Sigh. Sien. :/

:) So I'll be going now. Looking for more videooooos!

I'm happy, can you tell? x)


ps Exams were bad. o.o