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Long one.
♥ Friday, October 31, 2008 3:15 AM

I have decided to write a long post. :) Whether you read it or not doesnt matter. I'm just doing it because I havent actually written a proper post in ages.

Firstly, exams. BM on Thurs and Sej today. At least its over. :) Yes, that is the best I can say. x) BM was, aiyah, like normal. == And Sej was tiring. Three essays okay! Was racking my brains the whole time. Paper 1 was bad cos I didnt study for that. My hand always hurts after writing super long essays. Doesnt yours? Especially after the two and a half hour papers.

On the bright YELLOW side, one more weeeeeeeeeek! To freeeeeedom! ....for only two months. THEN, the real pain in the ass starts. Oh man. How miserable can life get? ==

We have mod maths, add maths, paper 3 for the three science subs, moral, sivik and PJK next week. Boy, I cant wait until next Friday. :) Or Thursday, for that matter. Cos Sivik & PJK are on Friday.

I wanna watch HSM 3 and Quantum of Solace. Daniel Craig!! :D

When I was at BM tuition today, my BM teacher was like :"Ok, today, we are going to focus on Karangan. Dont forget that you guys are going to sit for SPM in one year. One year and one week to be exact. "

== Darn potong lo. All of us were like talking about what we were going to do after exams were over and she said that.

I will be spending my whole November with my aunt. She's visiting from overseas. She'll be arriving on the 8th of Nov, just one day after my exams. My other aunts are not really that free to entertain her and bring her around cos my cousins would be sitting for SPM. Therefore, my mother would have to entertain her and all.

In December, I'll be going to Cameron Highlands and Penang. Going to Cameron on 8-11th and Penang right after that. No, I'm not going overseas for holiday. Sad sad. What to do? No money. How can people live without money? Tut tut.

Hahaha nola. Must save money for education. And also, to SUPPORT LOCAL TOURISM!

Lols! What a good excuse and a good bit of patriotism huh? :p

I'll also keep myself busy during the holidays with the many videos that I have downloaded. I cant wait for holidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays!

Come to meeeeeeeeeeeee! :D

Hahahas. Okay. I dont think I managed a loooong post but at least its something. Going to watch TV now. The Singaporean drama series at 7pm on Aec is nice. You should watch it. Reruns are at 11pm.