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♥ Friday, December 19, 2008 1:35 AM

Has my blog been really boring lately? :p I know la. I've been blogging about Korean stuff all the time and most of you have no interest in 'em. x) Oh wells.

Yes, I am still gonna blog about Korean stuff in this post and the next, and the next next and the next next next and so on. :))) Heh.

On a different note, badminton on Channel 816! Super Series Masters Finals. :) Too bad all the Chinese players didnt go. == No fun la!

Ok back to Korean entertainment. :) I think I've started to like Super Junior. x) Not really for their songs, cos I've only heard one of 'em. x) Miracle-SuJu is nice! Maybe I'll upload it later. I only started to like 'em when I watched Star Golden Bell Challenge. Eeteuk, the leader, is so funny and cute! x) Sungmin is pretty cute too but is more on the quiet side.

SuJu. Eeteuk is the first one in the front and Sungmin is the last one at the back.

I'm lazy to explain the whole show so I took an article from Wiki. :)

Star Golden Bell (Hangul:스타골든벨) is a South Korean variety show broadcast on KBS. In addition to the main MC, Ji Suk-jin (지석진), there are two additional hosts, Kim Jae-dong (김제동) and Yoon Soo-young (윤수영), who are either in charge of administering games or are challengers competing against the celebrity contestants. Star features 5 lines of 4 people each (the lines named after each Korean character) that have various celebrities from music, film, television, and musicals. The last line ("Bell") contains regularly appearing celebrities, including Kim Chang-ryul from DJ DOC. A popular show, it occasionally enters the Korean top 20 chart. The show consists of mini-games, which have certain prize amounts. The winning celebrity is then given the opportunity to ring the bell by correctly answering a riddle. If he or she is correct, the money is donated in the winner's name. All "winnings" go to a charity of KBS's choice; the last donation, in the amount of $110,000, was made on July 1, 2008.

I also saw a new boyband on SGB. SHINee. New boyband who only debuted on May this year.


HeeChul from Suju. He's pretty weird. Not very good looking either but many girls like him. :/

Eeteuk, Sunye & Hyunbin playing a game on SGB.

This was the SGB Chuseok special episode.

Sunmi & Sohee.

The MCs.

Hyunbin & Sohee.

Sunye & Sunmi.


Now, new boyband SHINee.

Their song "noonan neomoo yeppeo (replay)" is pretty nice. My first impression of them wasnt very good. I thought that they were just another new boyband filled with pretty boys who were young and looked very innocent. Then, they performed on SGB and I was like o.o They can dance preeeeeetty well! And they are especially famous for singing live while performing super hard dance moves. Not many people can do that.

I guess its cos they're young. Stamina. x)

Of course, DBSK can sing live while dancing too. :D

So anyway. SHINee members. (Its pronounced as shiny, btw).

1) Onew (온유 or 温流) (Leader)
  • Birth name: Lee Jinki (이진기)
  • Birth date: December 14, 1989 (1989-12-14) (age 19)
  • Notes: Onew is the leader of SHINee.

2) Jonghyun (종현 or 鐘鉉) (Bling Bling)
  • Birth name: Kim Jonghyun (김종현)
  • Birth date: April 8, 1990 (1990-04-08) (age 18)
  • Lead vocalist. Can speak chinese.

3) Key (키) (The Almighty Key)
  • Birth name: Kim Kibum (김기범)
  • Birth date: September 23, 1991 (1991-09-23) (age 17)

4) Minho (민호 or 珉豪) (Flaming Charisma)

  • Birth name: Choi Minho(최민호)
  • Birth date: December 9, 1991 (1991-12-09) (age 17)

5) Taemin (태민 or 泰民) (The Youngest)
  • Birth name: Lee Taemin (이태민)
  • Birth date: July 18, 1993 (1993-07-18) (age 15)


I dont like their clothes though. They call their look " The SHINee Trend". == Consists of high top sneakers, skinny jeans & bright coloured tops.

I beitahan guys who wear skinny jeans. ==

So anyway, here is a video of 'em. Some new year celebrations thing. SHINee & Suju. The song is "Miracle". Its actually SuJu's song. SHINee started the song in this video.


So, who do you like? :)