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It's 2010, so..18 years old. I secretly suspect that I have Korean blood. :) I just take life as it comes, improvising along the way. Oh yeah I like the colour yellow. Its bright. :D


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Slooooooow. And obsessions.
♥ Monday, December 15, 2008 6:35 AM

Omg I cannot tahan it when my Internet connection is slow. Its so annoying. == But who doesnt know that right?

My Internet connection is weird. There are times when it is so fast it scares me. But there are also times when it is soooo slow. Siiiigh. Why why why?!

I especially hate the slow connection when I wanna watch YouTube videos (which is all the time ==). It takes forever for that freaking 10 minutes video to load. It REALLY annoys the heck out of me.

My Internet connection was SO FAST yesterday! o.o Normally, I download videos and surf the net at the same time. When I do that, the videos take at least 20-30mins to be downloaded. Like, 12KB per second or so. Sometimes, its too slow so I'd stop surfing the net and then, it would be like... 22KB per second.

But yesterday, it went up to over 50KB per second. When I saw that, I was pretty shocked cos I've never seen it like that before.

Now, its like...5000B per second.




I know when people read my blog, they realise that I'm a pretty obsessed person. Its either I loooove it, or I dont like it at all. Well, most of the time anyway.

Before this, I was obsessed over badminton. I've slowed down now but I still love it la. :) Just that there hasnt been many big tournaments ever since the Olympics, so it gets a little boring. :/

Now, its DBSK. Hahaha.

I'm obsessed but not to the extent where I forget who I am.

A few weeks ago I read a newspaper article. The writer said that she'd go to clubs once in a while to meet business clients. She said that in those clubs, she would see many 16 or 17 year old girls wearing skanky clothes. These girls would be trying to hook up with all the rich businessmen in the clubs. They wanted money. They would give up everything they had for money.

I guess there are many teenage girls who would do things like that. Many teenage girls dont act their age. All they want is to get tons of cool (but stupid and disgusting) boyfriends and go clubbing and drink alcohol and all those rubbish.

Seriously wei. == You might call me a "goody-two-shoes" and all those other nicknames but teenagers should act their age. After all, you are only young once.

I'm pretty much your average girl next door. Not very sociable in a sense that I dont go out every single day to party or drink. I do enjoy shopping once in a while but not everyday. I like staying at home. :)

You know la. Watch DBSK videos everyday. Hahahaha! But at least its a healthy hobby. It keeps me happily occupied.

Every teenager should be obsessed over teenagers' stuff, like clothes, celebrities, make-up and all that and NOT all the other bad stuff.

In the end, its their own choice. You choose your own future.


I'm just gonna continue my obsession over DBSK. :DDDDDDDD


Will post pictures of recent gatherings & outings soon.

Byee! :)