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TV shows.
♥ Tuesday, December 9, 2008 4:33 AM

I've been watching a lot of tv shows recently.

In Oct, there was "Ming Zhong Zhu Ding Wo Ai Ni" aka "You Are My Destiny". Apparently, its the most watched drama series in Taiwan. Its pretty funny but sometimes ridiculous. Not bad drama series. But I dont think its the best la.

Then in Nov, there was "Wo Zai Ken Ding;Tian Qi Qing" aka "Wayward Kenting". Its pretty good actually. I liked it a lot. Too bad its only 20 episodes.

Now, on Shuang Xing (Channel 324), on 11:30pm (or 7:30pm la, you choose. 11:30pm is the repeat) , there is a new drama series. "Honey & Clover". I dont know what its called in Chinese. Its so noob. == A lot of silly scenes like flying to the moon after being punched and all that. I dont really like these kinda drama series. Its supposed to make you feel like laughing but its TOO dumb so instead of laughing, you give a dulan face. == This drama series reminds me of "The X-Family". What a stupid show. == I couldnt even watch it for 5 minutes.

Also on Shuang Xing, there is a new Singaporean drama series that is really good. Well, I like it anyway. 4:30pm. "Beach Ball Babes".

I've also been watching some Korean tv shows lately. They are really funny! Even funnier than Chinese tv series, actually. "The Star Golden Bell Challenge" is awesome! And also "Two days And One Night". Watch 'em on KBS (Channel 303).

:) Byee!