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♥ Friday, November 27, 2009 7:23 AM

I randomly watched an episode of "Paris Hilton's New BFF" today.

One word.


Another word.


== They should've just called it the "Paris Hilton's New Bitch Partner Show".

Well, in today's episode, Perez was a guest and he did a screen test and rated them from least fake to most...which is a joke anyway because he and Paris aren't even friends (they are ENEMIES) so the whole basis of the episode was FAKE.

== Fake people rating other people fake.

What a joke.

Honestly, the whole show is a joke.

One second, their having a bitch fight (in front of Paris & Perez) and the other second, their talking to each other, saying how they wanted to know each other more and how they are sorry and all.


Onch (a contestant) was up for elimination because she was voted second fakest. She decided to wipe off all her make-up on the spot to show Paris her "real" self. One other girl was smirking and said that "nobody cares" and that she was being "over-dramatic". But when Onch was eliminated, she was... get this - CRYING!

AMAZING, this girls are.

How can just about ALL of them be so FAKE!


What a ridiculous show, seriously!

Something else : Corrie aka most fake person, was being asked an intellectual question by Perez. She couldn't answer so she tried to make excuses and started saying :" Blah blah blah...it's not like I'm a rocket surgeon or anything!"

Any Perez was like :" ha.ha.ha (in a really gay and FAKE way which I think most of you will be able to imagine)... surgeons don't do rockets honeeey!"

Omg. What a BIMBO.


Ahhhhhh..now that all of that has been let out, I feel much better. :)