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♥ Wednesday, April 21, 2010 6:53 AM

Sometimes I wonder why some people are so unpleasant. I know I'm not the most pleasant person on earth (haha), but I'm normally nice and polite to strangers or people who have done me no wrong.

That's why when complete strangers are rude, I really cannot tolerate it.

Let me give you an example.

For the whole one term and a week that I've been in college, I have experienced people taking my food, not just once, but several times. What do I mean by 'taking my food'? I mean after I order and get my food, people try or actually DO take it away.

Example number 1. - I was standing in line at a noodle stall and was waiting for my food that I had ordered. It just so happened that the girl behind me ordered the same thing as me and was waiting for it too. During the whole time we were waiting for the food to be done, she kept trying to push me out of the line. Like she kept edging me out. IN A VERY OBVIOUS MANNER I SHOULD ADD. I was already thinking :" What the heck is her problem" but I didn't do anything and stood my ground. When my food was done, she was already reaching out to take it so I said to the shopkeeper :" That's mine, right?" And he immediately said yes and handed it to me. THEN, that girl was like... SUPER BO-SONG and you could TOTALLY see it.

So I gave her a dirty look and walked off. ==

This may seem like a small thing to some people, but I really cannot stand it. I mean, is it THAT hard to understand that IN LIFE, some people just happen to ORDER OR BUY THINGS BEFORE YOU. Like HELLO?! What was her problem. Grr.

Example number 2.

I ordered nasi lemak with fried chicken at another stall. The guy in front of me ordered the same thing before me too. I could already tell that he wasn't a good guy cos he pretended that he 'forgot' the fact that YOU NEED TO PAY AFTER YOU ORDER FOOD. After he ordered, the cashier was like waiting for him to pay but he acted like he was oblivious of the situation. I even paid for my food before him la kay!

So after he (finally) paid, the cashier placed his plate of food in front of him. He was fidgeting with his wallet or something so by the time he was going to take his food, my food was already on the counter too. I walked over to the other side to take cutleries and suddenly he asked the cashier :" This two are the same, right? (referring to the nasi lemak). Obviously the cashier said yes and he immediately grabbed my plate and walked off.



He took MY PLATE OF FOOD because it just so happened that my fried chicken was bigger than his. But seriously, isn't what he did a little UNCIVILIZED? == Cos in the end, IT'S STILL MY PLATE OF FOOD!

And I was really hungry that day. Was looking forward to eating my big piece of chicken but then he SNATCHED IT! GRRR! In a nonchalant way too! Even the cashier was stunned and was staring at him.

ARGH. Beitahan these kind of people.

Now, a good example.

I ordered maggi sup today and usually you have to wait for about 10 minutes for it to be done cos they cook it on the spot. While I was waiting, a woman ordered it too. After waiting for what seemed like a decade, my food was done and I took it and placed it on a tray. Suddenly, the woman came back and put her drink onto MY TRAY and was about to take the tray away. I was seriously stunned. Then she realized that it wasn't hers and laughed while apologizing. It was pretty funny hhahaa. But at least she had the courtesy to say sorry and laugh it off.

If everyone was like her, this wouldn't have been a problem.