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아 이 고...
♥ Thursday, May 6, 2010 7:39 AM

Taylor's is seriously the BEST college in the world. Like, SERIOUSLY.

Cos this is the only college (er..I think? No wait, I HOPE!) which does not inform students when a class is moved to another day.

This is also the one and only college which is located in such a secluded (okay lah a little exaggerated but!) and inaccessible place that if you reach the road leading to the entrance of the college any later than 7.15am, you would be stuck in a very simple 'trying to drive into college' jam. For...at least 30 minutes, IF YOU ARE CIVILIZED AND DO NOT CUT IN FRONT OF THE SUPER LONG LINE OF CARS.

I mean, c'mon. The college really should have done better planning on such minor matters. There are only so few access roads. If there weren't so many cars, trying to get from the outside to the inside of college would take less than a minute. But due to that jam, we have to leave our houses at 6.40am just to get there early to beat the jam.


Nowadays I have 8am class 3-4 times a week. And some of my lecturers will lock the door at 8.05. Late = no attendance = missing out ALOT.

So nowadays we all SERIOUSLY wake up early and rush to school just for 8am class. And on Wed, all of us waited in class for 45mins but she didn't come. Called her and she was like :" Don't you guys check the student portal? I was informed that class is going to be moved to Friday at 8am."

== No one bothered to tell us! And I just checked the student portal the night before, there was no announcement! Do they expect us to check the portal EVERY MORNING WHILE WE ARE RUSHING TO GO TO CLASS?

(FYI, we checked the portal after that and there was no notice.) Dulan x200

So you think Taylor's Lakeside Campus is big? THINK AGAIN! With the amount of students from 2 different (and very big!) campuses pouring in gradually, the campus is really packed. 4 story library? WHATS THE USE ITS ALWAYS FULL OF PEOPLE ANYWAY. Just trying to get a table for 6 is near impossible.

Cafeteria? Definitely full at 12pm. Which is when we usually have our lunch break. Normally class starts at 1 so if you can't get a place to sit, too bad.

And I haven't met anyone from Taylor's who hasn't complained about how Kiam Siap Taylor's is. Hahaahaha!

OMG parking is a whole different story. Don't even go there!

There....ranting is over. :D Have a nice day!